Spam Login Filter v1.8.3

Release Notes

Resolved issue with "report as spammer" feature.

Resolved issue with special character in english translation, thanks to bhgraham.

  • Ok friends, new release. Send me some feedback.

    In the roadmap: A list with registered users reported as spammmers, so admins can verify and remove the user and keep the database clean.

  • In the roadmap (too): Remove the tinymce editor in plugin settings. (Forgot it. My bad)

  • @Ray J, thanks for the new release.  Unfortunately early initial indications are that it's still not submitting spammers to SFS with my API keys.  I have submitted about six spammers 30 minutes ago on two different sites with two different active API keys and I still do not see any submissions listed on the SFS site.  I'm not sure if there is a delay on the SFS site with "My spammers" and "Submission stats or not.  I will check again tomorrow and update.  Please let me know if there is a debug mode or some sort of tool I can enable to help track down what might be going wrong in order to help.

    Also I just thought I'd share why it's important to get the SFS submissions working:  They have actually tried to blacklist their spam software from spamming sites which report to SFS.  That shows that it's better for us all to get this working. :)

  • Sorry, It looks like that url only works for certain referrers.  Sneaky trick.  Anyway just do a search for "xblack.txt" on google to see what I am referring to.  The spammers do not like their IPs getting submitted to SFS. :)

  • Unfortunately for me everything under "User Panel" stills shows no valid submissions at  Hopefully it's only myself experiencing this and it's working for others?  Spam Login Filter 1.8.3, Elgg 1.8.14

  • I will make more compreensive tests and release a new version in the next two days.

    Are you using tracker plugin?

  • Yes, IP Tracker 1.8b.  I will try upgrading that to IP Tracker 1.8.1.  I might also upgrade to Elgg 1.8.15 soon.  But I need to do a massive backup first and also upgrade Tidypics at the same time since my version isn't compatible with Elgg 1.8.15 based on user reports.  I need to get the newer beta.

  • Also it's php 5.3.x if that helps any.  And I didn't remove the existing SFS API key and replace it again.  All I did was upgrade the plug by deactivating the old one and then writing over the folder and then reactivating it.  Then I went to the plugin settings page and simply hit save again (where the existing keys were still in place).  Please let me know if I messed up the upgrade somehow or if I should try another procedure. 

    'php -v'

    PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze14 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Aug  6 2012 20:08:59)


  • We've upgraded, but still no submissions to

  • I know. The issues persists. I will check and resolve it ASAP.

  • Dear friends, good news.

    The issue was resolved, but I am making some improvements in the plugin, so wait for a new release soon.

    Sorry for the late, guys.

  • My friends, I am working with the 1.8.4 version. Until there, you can download a patched version in my git repository, with all issues patched (I hope)

    Download the "master" branch for 1.8

  • adc

    heres a suggestion: forget sfs. why dont we set up our own database and all of elgg submit/unreport to/from that?

  • That's a terrible idea.  SFS has a much larger userbase so we get to check against spammers that have also attacked a number of other platforms.

  • adc

    the best idea is to have our own database. that way we target only spammers who target one or more of us, and not waste resources checking to see if the spammer has been reported through spamming other channels, or waiting for other systems to act on the imformation we send to them, or be forced to update our plugin whenever their systems change their api's.. (look at the hassle caused to plugin developers by yahoo, facebook and google for example, whenever they change their api's and depreciate the old) or, what happens if third party systems go out of business? or change their model? a community wide custom solution is by far the best and most efficient, and reliable way to go.

  • adc

    p.s.: i offer to host it. 

  • The size of the community is the most important part of that scenario - SFS works because it combines all the communities together in one database of known spammers.  The elgg community by itself isn't big enough to be effective in that way.

  • adc

    it has nothing whatsoever to do with the size of the community. we are quite big enough to make this work for ourselves. i dont even need this myself, as i have spammers beat. this would just add another layer of added protection against any who might get through, and an added incentive for my own users not to spam  my site, my users nor anyone in this community. 

  • adc

    actually, as it is a natural progression for a responsible email services provider such as myself, i may as well seek to get this up and running and release the plugin for it to the community:-)

  • Dear friends, I ask to everyone to start a discussion about spamming combat outside this space. You can discuss about plugin features here, nothing more.

    Cool-mates: fighting spam evolves a lot of forensics and research. I spent a lot of time in my plugin, so I know what I am doing. Stopforumspam is not perfect, but is the greatest spam database in the world. And my plugin do a lot of thing outside stopforumspam.

    And I received a email from you asking for a customization in my plugin. I dont accept donations and I dont do professional services, but you can ask for everyone in ellg community. The plugin is GPL and you can do almost anything with it.

  • @Michelle: Thanks for your feedback. I blocked a LOT of spammers here, too. Just dont forget the Spam Throtle from Matt Becket. Our plugins works very well together.

  • adc

    @ray j: i know what i am doing too. i have completely eliminated spam without the need to turn to sfs, fassim or any other database. i have been involved with and pioneering the web since the 1980's. i have seen services come and go all over the web. i have certainly seen many plugins come and go, as the services they rely so heavily upon crash and burn. i have sat by and watched as plugin users get burned, their own users unable to use their sites or certain functionalities because third parties have changed their apis, or simply discontinued their services. i have sat and watched as plugin authors and others struggled to keep up and eventually have given up. outside of elgg, i have seen core developers sell out their projects and move on, only for the new owners to kill off the project altogether, including turning previously open source software into cash cows. i thank you for your excellent efforts however. your plugin makes an excellent foundation for my own requirements. i requested you made the mods because nobody knows and understands any plugin better than its own developer. someone new will have to figure out what you have done and where and how before they can make any changes themselves. this is very time consuming, creates a lot of headaches and puts many devs off, -so they prefer to start from scratch. so i may not be able to use it anyhow. we shall see.

  • adc

    lol @Michele. 

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