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Release Notes

Some code cleanups, thanks to Cash.

  • Wow.  It appears the Stop Forum Spam component of this plugin isn't successfully submitting data even with a valid API.  At least this is the case for me.  To check for you log in to the forum at this link using the info you sent to get your API key and read (it's only for registered users).  From checking my account all three API keys read ZERO!  No wonder we're all getting spammed!  The one site which never gets spam also has a Fassim key so I suspect that is working.  Can anyone else confirm whether the plugin is successfully submitting?

  • ooohhh - great detective work!

    I'll try and set up the Fassim key then (which I have seen in the plugin but have no idea what is).

    Thanks! Nobody seems to be responding in this thread.

  • Fassim seems to be working pretty well.  I applied for another key about 4 days ago and just got it today.  I submitted about two dozen spammers a coupl hours ago and I already see it workign on their stats page (which you get when they send you your key).

    I'm not sure if the problem with the stopforumspam key is just me or others as well but I suspect it is happening to everyone as I have three keys with them and none show any submissions having ever being made for the last 7 or 8 months that I have been submitting spammers from this plugin.  I'm going to try look at things today and see if I can figure out what is wrong.

    I've been thinking maybe it would be a good idea for us in the ELGG community to come up with our own shared blacklist as well?  It seems to me that people are specially targetting Elgg installs - especially the blog spammers and that for the most part it isn't general comment spammers.

  • Can anyone else confirm either way whether the stopforumspam functionality is submitting spammers correctly for them?  Please check out while logged in as described and check Resources -> Submission stats.  I again verified it is still blank for me even with three valid API keys.

  • No it's not working for submissions.

    It's still keeping the spammers out for the most part but it would be nice to revive this functionality though.

  • @Matt Beckett, Ok thank you.  I wasn't sure if it was only myself having the problem for whatever reason.  It definitely would be nice to get it working again.  Chances are it's something simple too.  I'll try to do some research and see if there is a good explanation/fix in the mean time.

  • For some reason I forgot about others having this issue when I previously read the comments.  I had a look at the API and compared the code in the plugin and the actual part where it submitted the url seemed okay with a quick visual check.  I wonder if it has to do with something such as the way the info is being encoded or perhaps the entered API key is getting garbled ?  These links might help for anyone who wants to help debug: and

    I'll see if I can figure out more but first I have to learn a bit about how to debug things easier under Elgg and php. Hopefully someone else can come up with a fix first. :)

  • Yes, it appears, although we submit several a day, that our submissions have stop posting at on July 23, 2012. Didn't have any idea.

  • That's a good clue as to what went wrong and when.  I didn't install Elgg until about August/September 2012 so I have no valid submissions at all even though spread over three Elgg installs I've probably hit "delete and report spam" over 10,000 times.  Today on one Elgg install I had to delete over 100 spammers and that is just spam in the last 14 hours!  In the 10 minutes it took to do that two new spammers had already posted. :(  This is with honeypot, this plugin, and Elgg captcha all installed.

    I guess I'll spend a couple more hours today looking at the developer docs and this plugin code in the hope that I can figure it out but I'm not a professional programmer.

  • Dear friends, I know what is happening. The stopforumspam "report" function has changed.

    I will release a new version soon. Maybe tomorrow.

  • @Ray J, Thank you for your work. :)  It was starting to get pretty bad. This is just from the last hour:

  • Happy to here that you are releasing a new version after 134 days of my first comment about the non working of submission to site.. Hope you will remove the dependence of tracker plugin for IP address


    thank you

  • @gts fan - the broken reporting function hasn't stopped the rest of the plugin from working, even the community site here doesn't get that much spam (though I have noticed a significant increase over the last week or so).  I think you may have another attack vector at work somewhere.

    @RayJ - thanks dude, I knew you'd come through :)

  • @Matt Beckett, It did pick up over the last couple days but it's always been between 50-90% of that for months on that site.  The site gets ~1000uvisitors/day.  The funny thing is on the same server I have another site (~3,500 uv/day) which used to get spammed just as bad but a month or two it has almost totally stopped after a lot of consistant effort deleting spam and closing anonymous comments with the moderation plugin. I'm fairly certain there is a manual process involved here where the spammers target/untarget certain sites after a while when they see the spamming is not effective and not getting through. 

    The problem with not having Elgg spammers get reported to SFS is that in theory the spammers could simply spam Elgg installs only (not other forums which are actually reporting them) and never get on the blacklist.  So they are free to spam forever over and over again reusing the same IPs after they fall off the temporary local blacklist (one week).  It'll be nice to have a collective blacklist working again.  In the mean time I simply disabled the blog plugin on that site until the update comes and it seems to have stopped it. :)

  • " lot of consistant effort deleting spam... "
    my original comment / request from approx 1/5 years back :-
    PLEASE save a copy of spam content..
    so that the Spam Detective can study the EVIDENCE
    in order to devise new techniques to detect and block such spam
    at the initial entry point into the website;
    without the evidence - there is nothing for me to study,
    nothing for my further research to study the charateristics of spam -
    and so less hope of formulating a good (better) anti-spam weapon for you all.



  • When we have a way to do something with deactivated spam it makes sense.  Otherwise it's just sitting there adding bloat to your database...

  • When is a spammer a spammer? We have loads of spammers that we delete that have not left any spam at all, but it's obvisous they are spammers. Our sites are region oriented and when someone comes from the other side of the world to join up, there is no reason for them to be there other than to take advantage of our network. Generally it's their email address that give them away. This plugin has been a god-send to help us keep our sites clean. Thanks Ray J. I look forward to the update.

  • if (('language' == 'spammish')||('language' == 'spamglish')){

  • Friends, I made some tests with 1.7.x version. I didnt upgrade my community yet.

    All spam submissions is registered in sucessfully.

    If are there a problem, is with 1.8.x version. I will continue the tests tomorrow. Need to update my 1.8 test site.

    Thanks for the feedback and the patience.

    BTW, what do you think about scan already registered users and make a check against stopforumspam? We can make 20000 checks/day and we can schedule to verify X logins at once to avoid problems with the service.

  • I like the idea of scanning existing users - what to do when they're flagged though?  Can't outright delete due to potential false positives, possibly ban? mark for admin review?

    Either way make it optional, but definitely a good idea.

  • Ray J - that makes sense. I checked, and submissions stopped the same time we upgraded from 1.7 to 1.8. I didn't realize it until a few days ago, but that's the timing, spot on.

  • Guys, I found the problem.

    Wait a new release soon.

  • Slight problem on the Utilities : Manage blocked IPs page.

    The pagination doesn't work. If I click to go to page two the url reads :

    instead of :

  • Another problem or feature request, when I click "delete and report as spammer", their ip address is not added to the Utilities : Manage blocked IPs page.

  • I found a syntax error in /spam_login_filter/languages/pt_br.php.

    Missing comma to terminate line 79 caused an exception on some pages.

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