Spam Login Filter v1.8.0

Release Notes

  • Official 1.8 release
  • Better plugin settings page
  • Corrected a issue envolving spam login filter and tidypics
  • Rob: Matt is right. Just remove your IP from plugin´s blacklist.

  • Matt,

    I checked my site IP address at and there were no results. Any other ideas?

  • Ray and Matt, I think you guys are correct. I disabled the blacklist IP functions and everything works fine. How do I find the blacklisted IP addresses though?

  • @Rob: Look for "manage blocked ips" or something like this. You can remove a IP from the list.

  • Ray J,

    I installed it in 1.81 no problems. I'll let you know how it works.

    Any advise on detecting spammers already joined other than waiting for them to mess up.


    Hairy Larry

  • @ Ray J: I found it, Utilities -> manage blocked IP's! My IP was on it, haha.

    Thanks for your awesome help.

  • I have depreciation message in 1.8.3 after the upgrade, I would like to ask if everything is OK.

    I did not know about the tracker pluggin. The idea is when, I would have a spammer to penetrate all the defenses. The question is how I would associate the ip with its nick name and e-mail, so I could contribute to the services reporting new spammers.


  • @Zirgit: Can you post the deprecation message? In theory, my latest version resolves all issues. Maybe a issue with tracker plugin?

    Just post the error so I can check.

  • Hi

    I´m using Elgg version 1.8.3 and I get an error in the settings of the plugin:

    Deprecated in 1.8: settings/spam_login_filter/edit was deprecated in favor of plugins/spam_login_filter/settings Called from [#8] /Elgg/engine/lib/views.php:503

    Does somebody know how to fix that? Thanks.

  • Deprecated in 1.8: settings/spam_login_filter/edit was deprecated in favor of plugins/spam_login_filter/settings Called from [#8] /home/zirgit/public_html/
  • However the pluggin is stopping the spam, and functionnal.

    I have also:

    Deprecated in 1.8: You should pass $vars['name'] now instead of $vars['internalname'] Called from [#11] /home/zirgit/public_html/
    -> [#10] /home/zirgit/public_html/
  • @Zirgit: I will fix it next weekend, ok?

  • its only for 1.8.1 ?????

    i am using 1.8.3 & it shows deprecated in 1.8....

  • Stay cool it is working, the spam is stopped, Ray J, is going to fix it ;).


  • Ray, great plugin.  I use it with 1.7.11 and have very few problems with spam.

    I have it installed on a xampp test site that I am working on in 1.8.3 and have just recently started getting a deprecated error as well.  Since it appears different than those already posted I am posting it for your investigation.  Thanks again for the great plugin.

    Deprecated in 1.8: get_loggedin_userid() is deprecated by elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid() Called from [#20] C:\xampp\htdocs\barespace\mod\spam_login_filter\start.php:327
  • Ray J

    i loved your plugin, it was working fine in 1.8.2, but in 1.8.3 i have some issues. There were "deprecated errors" which i fixed myself.  But recently when someone got marked as 'spammer' and I went to the page where I was to unmark him, I got errors,the 'view data' wasn't fetching any data and I am not being able to unmark him even after disabling the plugin.

  • Dip: There are issues in 1.8.3. I am working on it now. Wait a few days.

    And download my elgg update services to stay updated about new plugins.

  • Ray J: Thanks for yours response, I am eagerly waiting for the release.

  • I can't find the settings page. furthermore Manage blocked IPs displays Invalid Admin Section ... is the plugin posted here?

  • fassim marks every registered user as spammer on elgg v1.8.6 and this very plugin release.


  • @Roman: Why post duplicate comments here?

  • This plugin works great and even with api from stopforumspam.

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