Spam Login Filter v1.7.2b

Release Notes

  • Corrected a bug in IP cache list, disabling registration page to all users.
  • Since this is a critical bug, you MUST install this version immediately.
  • Sorry guys. IP cache wasn´t working like espected. Hope that all bugs are corrected now.

  • Hi there!

    We were having problems with plenty of request for membership in our site, that took quite a lot of effort to clean daily. It made the notifications by the siteaccess plug-in meaningless, as there were always fake users waiting to be authorised. This plug-in reduces that work massively, while we can still monitor the dropped requests by the email system. We have been using it only for one day and I already love it!

    Our system: elgg 1.7.8, with a combination of siteaccess and qli_recaptcha.


  • @Alberto: Thanks Alberto. The plugin is working like a charm in my production site. But keep monitoring everything. The plugin is new and maybe needs some polishment. I released a version with a huge bug after testing in my production site, so, sh*t happens. Again, thanks for your feedback.

  • From the discussion in previous version:

    @cj: I will check, with tracker creator, what we can do. But you are suffering from a ip spoofing or a apache problem. I will do a "google" and check what can be done. The users above are real users? Real user do not try spoof your site. Check this, so we can isolate the problem.

  • Excellent plugin. Elgg 1.7.9 works perfectly Congratulations Ray

  • Recomended rest of feedback will after some more testing lots of features and looking great on first use.

  • @Ray J New version is working totally awesome! Thanks for your work! Recommended. I had only one user that could not log in but that was it. Thanks for the update!

  • Thanks Vagsiarom, Ghumanz and RJ. The plugin works well in our production site and the IP Cache was a good addiction, blocking second tentatives. I think that the plugin is stable now, so in the future I do have plans to add some statistics and nothing more.

    And off course, a new plugin to block content spam (A "sister" plugin). The plugin will have features like publish interval, allowing, for example, only X posts in a hour. Remember that Mike Vazco had 350.000 posts in their forum. With a content plugin, the spam bot could be blocked after, lets say, 5 posts.

    Now I need to have time to make it. :)

  • It is working like a charm no more spammer from yesterday, and more rela users are able to register.

    I am on 1.7.8 and added spam stop forum api key in it. All spammers are reported and delete from site.

    Thanks a lot for this


  • Great plugin. Thanks a lot. I love the fact that I can report spammers.



  • my drastic decision for now: all spam on my sites come from china, so I blocked all visitors by this country

    for who is interested too

  • lord55, I did it for some IPs, too. Hope the plugin helps you.

    BTW, ask for a fassim key. They blocks anonymous proxies around the world.

  • @Ray J the missing IP addresses problem has gone away now, I don't know why! so we don't need any fixes

  • @cj: Great! Hope the plugin can help you now.

  • Great plugin but block for everybody.

    I tested with another mail and said that my ip is spammer.

    Could be because i'm register in the web??

    We tested from 3 differents ip's with the same result.


  • @Gastre: Hmmm, maybe you, for testing purposes, tried to register with a blacklisted e-mail. In this case, the plugin blacklist your IP for about a week. It's a problem. :)

    Try to change your IP. I will release a version TODAY with a button to clear or disable IP cache.

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