Spam Login Filter v1.7.2

Release Notes

  • IP blacklist cache. If a spammer is blocked during registration, their ip is blacklisted for a week. The spammer will see a '403 error - Access denied' in the registration page.
  • ELGG "weekly" cron must be running.
  • New release, guys. Take a look and send me some feedback.

  • Ok, some feedback...


    On my site, after upgrading started getting an average of 28 spammers per day (each one posting spam blogs) so, we used to have a serious problems...

    After a week of testing, we had one spammer with no spam blog post. This is like the best anti spammer plugin ever!

  • @RJC - Good stuff on yr feedback - This is the sort of feedback we need for the Future Zaptor::Trap:Filter ;-) Maybe we're getting somewhere better ;-oO

  • @Rj: Your words, as a respect user in community, is a big reward for me. But do you believe that the plugin is not finished yet? I have a LOT of plans. The development will be slower now, because I will start a fork in your milocker video plugin, but our antispammer should have 2 ou 3 versions yet.

    @Dhrup: We need to talk seriously about a content filter. A "sister" plugin of spam_login_filter. (So many code, so little time...)

  • Indeed! I mean, I used to get all kind of spams: from nike to rugby matches lol 


    Spam login filter is extremely good. I noticed there is no problems with the server, I removed captcha and so far, good =)

  • @rj: Captcha is booooooring. :)

    But my plugin needs some improvements. When using stopforumspam, my plugin blocks spammers with ONE report. We need to configure a threshold, because one notification could be a false positive. The webservice return how many reports the spammer has. We can block someone with, lets say, 5 reports. And I need to find a service with a database of disposable e-mails (The famous "one time e-mails"). With some adjusts, the battle against spammers will be won.

  • Meu amigo:
    A primeira das poucas vezes que um outro desenvolvedor Elgg começou collaborting comigo desde a fase de design para a implementação;) me dá uma sensação boa e uma atitude de cooperar ainda mais para melhorar esta situação Anit-Spam para o mais lógico resultados finais => "ganhar"!

    My Friend:
    The first of the very few times that another Elgg Developer has started collaborting with me from the Design phase towards implementation ;) Gives me a good feeling and an attitude to cooperate even more to improve  this Anit-Spam situation to the most logical end-results => "win"

  • Meus respeitos a você, muito amigo;-oO

  • amigo sabes español ?

    LOLZ ;-P

    No sé español, (
    Pero sí sé traductor de Google;-P

  • @Ray J yes, indeed, but that was the only tool available at the time, which was good but times changes and we had to move on hehe


    Anyways, I tried using another spam filter plugin but I faced the problem in which it blocked an entire school 'cause it was getting too many new accounts.

  • @rjcalifornia: All solutions has collateral damages. We need to find a equilibrium point.

    For everyone that cannot speak portuguese, Dhrup said: "My respect to you, my friend." Thanks, Dhrup. Your good vibrations and attitude in the community is a inspiration for everyone.

  • Well guys, nice to talk with you both. See you tomorrow. Time to play Battlefield Bad Company 2. :)

  • ¡Muchas gracia por el módulo!

    Está muy bueno.

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I'm a self-employed web developer, family man, nerd, scuba diver. Manager/maintainer of this elgg community site, and core Elgg development team member.

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