Spam Login Filter v1.7.1

Release Notes

  • Integration with service. Visit to get a API KEY. The process is manual, so be kind in the request.
  • Fassim service inspect top spammers domains, top spammers ISPs, anonymous proxies and blocks by country and region (Blocking by region works only in Canada and United States)
  • E-Mail Notification now explains the blocking reason.
  • Huge improvements in this version. Please test and show me the results. Hope you like.

  • My tests in Elgg 1.7.10 going fine

    I´ve got the API Key at '' and ''.

    1. '' [YES] and '' [NO].
    • blocking spammer and send me a email - OK.
    • automatic send information to the database site - in tests!!
    1. '' [NO] and '' [YES].
    • blocking spammer and send me a email - OK.
    • automatic send information to the database site - in tests!!
    1. '' [NO] and '' [NO] and COUNTRIES blacklist.
    • blocking spammer and send me a email - in tests!!
    • automatic send information to the database site - in tests!!


  • @Cerceau: Thanks for your tests. Only a hint: If you set "no" to fassim, everything related to fassim will not work. You must set "yes" and choose the features you want to use. And if you disable stopforumspam, the feature "send information the database site" is disabled, because it uses the stopforumspam API. But it makes no sense, because I can block a user with stopforumspam disabled and send to stopforumspam. I will make the corrections and release a new version in a few days.

    By the way, with my plugin, using a combination of domain black list (Blocking chinese and russian e-mail providers) and stopforumspam + fassim, I am blocking 100% of my spammers. No false positives and no false negatives. :)

  • Nice plugin. I installed it on the community site and our spam levels have dropped considerably. Do you have a github repository for it?

  • @Brett: Glad to hear it from a core creator! Thanks for the feedback.

    I dont have a github and, well, I dont know how a github works, by the way. (I came from Microsoft world) :)

    But we can share the code in a github, google code or something like this. How can I help? I am working in a new version right now. And, with help for Dhrup, we want develop a spam contet filter without external services (Bayesian filter).

  • Hi, I'm getting a lot of users without an ip address (some do show so I know it's working OK), any suggestion how to remedy this?

  • @cj: Are this users spammers? Maybe the users can be using some type of IP spoofing. In this case, we need to block users withou IPs. Just confirm if ALL users without IP are spammers, ok? I can release a version blocking it.

  • @Ray - Sounds awesome. I'd love for you to get a public repo up so we can do some co-development! One thing that's important to me is keeping some stats about who was blocked and why, so I'd be interested in helping you to write this bit. GitHub is my first choice because of how easy it is to contribute (pull requests) but if you've never used git before there's a bit of a learning curve involved.

  • @cj: I think the Spam Login Filter plugin is relying on the IP tracker plugin to resolve the IP addresses of users. There can be several reasons why some users are shown without an IP address:

    • if you still use version 1.0 of the tracker plugin, unactivated accounts won't show an IP address,
    • if the user hasn't logged in since you activated the tracker plugin, it won't show an IP address for this user.
    • if there are still users without IP addresses for which the first two reasons are not valid they might really use some IP hiding techniques, but I don't think this will happen very often - and these people most likely are spammers.
  • @Brett: I will start using github with ELGG Brasilian Commnity because we are creating a new plugin. So, learning curve will not be a problem. (I need github anyway). I will share the code and notify you, ok? And I will need some help to store the stats. My knowledge in ELGG metadata is very limited.

    Wait a few days and I will contact you. And keep visiting my plugin. A new version will be released soon, with some improvements.

  • @cj, @iionly: It´s true. The tracker plugins register the ip only for new registrations or users that login on the site after the plugin was enabled. But the tracker is used only to notify stopforumspam about registered spammers (New spammers). To block users already in blacklist, the tracker plugin is irrelevant.

  • Another tests results.

    This six usernames passed the '' filter and could register themselves. They do not put any blog in the site, but they were capable to insert an user into the site.

    I´ve deleted all using the plugin, first only configured to report to 'fassim' and them only to 'stopforumspam' as described below. - DELETE AND REPORT AS SPAMMER

    • tang1852
    • einger1837

    • nenger1841
    • fang1889
    • tang1836


    How could we check in both sites if the insert function worked as proposed?

  • @Cerceau, I need to improve the plugin´s documentation. Fassim doesn´t have a "report" function. Only StopForumSpam does. Fassim uses a closed tecnology and grabs spammers by himself, without the help of the community. But fassim has fancy features, like blocking by country and blocking top spammers ISPs and anonymous proxies.

    It´s true that is more mature and blocks a lot of spammers, but we have the risk of false positives, too. It can bem minimized using a threshold in the stopforumspam. The plugin checks the number of reports that a user has. For now, the plugin blocks everyone with a report number greater than 0. We can, in the future, allow the user define how many "reports" a user can have to be named a "spammer".

    Like I said before, the plugin is a work in progress, and we have a lot of work to do. But now I am focused in the IP cache feature. A blocked spammer will see a blank page in the second tentative to register. I will try to work on it this weekend.

    Oh! I forgot your second question! :) The plugin reports the spammer to and checks the http status. On error (Timeout, site off-line, etc) the plugin show a message "Unable to contact" and doesn´t remove the spammer.

    And after 100 reports, your site will be listed in a "partners" page or something like this. Just visit to chek.

  • New version in test, with a lot of improvements. I´ll release until next weekend.

  • @Ray J, @iionly thanks for your replies, I'm using v1.1 of the tracker plugin and has been inplace for a couple of weeks. Most of the 'Users on line now' don't have IP addresses, only one has in this example list copied just now:

    IP: | Info
    IP: | Info
    IP: | Info
    IP: | Info
    IP: | Info
    IP: | Info
    IP: | Info
    IP: | Info
    IP: | Info

    Hope this helps

  • Only 166 downloads ?

    I don't follow the mentality in that ;) This is the first (anti-spam) PlugIn that has support from DeSccop and also from Elgg Lead Brett and is actually in use on the Elgg Community and 166 downloads LOLZ ;-oO

    Makes me wonder whether all those complaints about Spam on Elgg based sites and the wishing for some good Tool has been all-talk-and-no-action kind of hype !

    And of course wait until the "zaptor" design sentiments  creep into the scope :-
    * and

    And Spam-Login-Filter is slated to be re-named Zaptor-Trap-Filter one of these days as soon as I can get the Zaptor stuff code development going further..

  • @cj: Your host should have problemas do guest the client ip adress or the spammers are using some type of IP Spoofing. In my enviroment, I didn´t have some problems. Check if YOUR ip is registered and check if the blank ips comes from spammers. So I can implement a code to block users with hidden ips. Waiting your return.

  • @Dhrup: I am new in the community, and I know that reputation is a good thing. I think in a few months my plugins will be downloaded in a faster way. For now, I need to obtain the community trustness. (Hmmm.. My english is a crap. I wrote it right?) :)

  • I'm having positive results on my site. The spam problem started when we upgraded from 1.6.x to 1.7.1x but with this, chinese guys are gonne hehe recommended

  • @RjCalifornia: Thanks a lot. I am testing a new version with ip blacklist cache. Like the others releases, I am testing in my production site before to release to the community. But the improvements let the plugin a bit faster with recurring spammers.

  • This work okay with Site Access?

  • @Jededitor: Yes, a think so. The plugin hooks the registration action, preserving all elgg structure and events. If your site have a registration form (Not a walled garden community), my plugin will be useful.

    You can test in production, because the plugin does nothing in login page. Just install and test. If you have problems, uninstall and ask me for help. :)

  • @RJ: you maybe new to elgg not not new to programming by design, english maybe xrap but code quality superlative. você talvez não elgg novo não é novo para a programação de design, Inglês talvez superlativa qualidade xrap mas o código. -- gotcha lola ;-oO

    @JE: I reckon so too, S/A does that override while SLF-ZTF delibrately steered clear of views overrides. The actions hokks means that *all hooks will actuate.

  • @Ray J I've checked that my IP address isn't in StopForumSpam and all users that don't have an IP address ARE spammers, so please go ahead and create a Yes/No option for 'Block users that don't have an IP address' in the settings of your plugin and I'll test it!

  • @Cj: Are you saying that users trying to register without a IP address are blocked by the plugin? Because registered users, with or without IPs, aren´t affected by my plugin. Only new users trying to register. And users with a blank IP has two reasons: Spammers using some IP spoofing technique or a environment problem in your apache. Explain better your problem, so I can help you.

    By the way, you commented in a old version of my plugin. Are you already using the latest version? Allowing registrations from blank IPs is a huge security fault, but, if needed, I can put it in settings. but, first, check your environment. Is important fill all possibilities since you are, by now, the only user that can´t grab user´s IPs.

    Answer my questions, and, if needed, I will make the changes in plugin, ok?

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