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Initial release

  • Oh I can't wait to test this out =))

  • seth, share the results, ok? I am using this plugin in a production basis with good results, but the community´s feedback is very helpfull.

  • In my (eXpeRt) and somewhat "biased"
    (that's for all those who are 'just users' out there;-)
    opIioN --
    This has gotta be the best anti-spam plugin for elgg thus far..
    RayJ's taken the similar ideas/ feelings i had in the mill
    for Zaptor and implemented major portions of functionality already
    (less code work for me now).
    and good to see the intergration with IPTracker

  • Will do Ray. 

    I have it downloaded just need to find a new install to enable it.

    It does look lovely from the description. I'm assuming from the To Do list you posted up that there's no internal list where we can blacklist a domain? 

    Will give it a spin and post any results for it.

  • Nevermind, ha.

    Now I look foolish xD. I see the Blacklisted mail domains - One per line =)

    From that..  I was wondering how should I put the domains 1 per line? 

    Should I just put i.e or ?

    I can't test out the cause I'm running it on local host but will try it on a live site when you get back to me on the correct way of placing the email domains =)

    Also I just looked at Blacklisted mails - One per line.

    I'm assuming that one is the entire email <name> 

    Many thanks =))

  • @seth101: To domains, just type the domain name, withou subdomains or @. Example:, (One per line)

    To e-mails, is the complete e-mail address:

    Take a look in the pictures. The examples are there. And dont forget to disable stopforumspam checks before testing since you are testing in a local enviroment. :)

    @Drup: Thank you, friend! And you know, due our mail conversations, that we have some improvements to do yet (Project honeypot, etc). But lets the community endorse the plugin.

  • It works =)

    I did a short test for gmail and such. It was done on my test-host site with lots of spammers. Will test it further soon.

    Will also test it more on a live site and =) 



  • @Seth:
    Some sort of statisticals will help for future calibration(s)
    prior and post spam numbers, etc..
    do you have samples of the older spam content actually saved ?
    I store such content for further study, heuristicsk training...
    to help build better 'mouse-traps' ;-)

  • Awesome! Good work.... still waiting for a spammer :))

  • Sounds great. but have you added any extra service providers than the webgalli antispammer plugin ? because we are using the Antispammer in our sites for the past few months with good results.

  • What a great initiative :D :D :D

  • @SRPS:

    Spam Login Filter ==>

    • BlackList for Domain./EMails
    • Fassim (service provider)
    • Honeypot (service provider)

    & the ubiquitous DDS support, (Zaptor) integration plans ? ... or do you not read around much ?

    What more could you want in Anti-Spamming ?;)


  • But i saw that its only using the stopforumspam service?

  • @SRPS: My english is only average, so my description of the plugin can be wrong. But the plugin uses the external service (Like webgalli´s version). But before this check, the plugin has a internal domain blacklist and a internal e-mail blacklist. We can blacklist disposable e-mail providers (One time e-mails) and save external resources validating first in our own database. And my version notify blocked spammers by e-mail, so we can have a lot of control and tunning block spamming bots. (I had a spammer in my site that tried to register each 5 minutes. Each 5 minutes my site was making a check in, so I blacklisted the spammer. End of problem).

    I am not here to compete with others developers, so everybody is free to use any plugin. But I created my own version because I have plans to integrate (The plugin is ready and working, but I need authorization from owners to release it) and project honeypot (The famous DNSBL service). And my code is lightweight, because I dont extend any views and make good reuse of tracker plugin. (Less lines of code, less CPU usage). Read the "to do" in description, ok? I have good plans.

  • lolz ;-)
    but didya read all of what i just posted ?
    Spam Login Filter ==> is in 'beta' testng by users, people like you..
    try to look at the silver lining -
    the features, your expectations beyond the 'service provider',
    the simple fact that this is the first time i will collaborate to develop
    another integrated plugin for spam-control..
    I kinda thot you'd have stopped short @

    • BlackList for Domain./EMails
    • Fassim (service provider)
    • Honeypot (service provider)

    & the ubiquitous DDS support, (Zaptor) integration plans ?
    What more didya want for Spam-Control right now ?
    or was it wanted yesterday ?
    maybe that wasn't good enuff 4 U ;-oO 
    But still -- you're counting mere beans on two sides 
    and coming up 2 == 2 ;-) does that make you sad ?


  • @Ray : i was never arguing or telling that your intention was not good :) . Its all GPL and this is how open source works. Thanks for the product. I was just asking, is there any difference with the webgalli plugin, because if you have added new service providers its always good to use this else I personally feel there is no difference in upgrading. Please dont take it in -ve sense.

  • I had a lot of problems with webgalli plugin. I have thousands of guests coming from one site to my web based site, and I was getting a lot of complaints that they were being blocked as a spammer. It seemed to work too good maybe and banning innocent people.

    So Thanks for this :) I will give it a try. I was using zbblocker. That thing worked pretty good.


    I like how this one drops you an email :) nice touch

  • @RayJ:
    When U R back --
    How about also a **White-Lilst for Domains. EMail MX's ?

  • @SRPS: My plugin uses, today, the same external service. But it has a huge roadmap and a lot of resource that webgalli doesn´t. Webgalli is a "stopforumspam plugin". My plugin is a "anti spam" plugin. Stopforumspam is ONE of the plugin´s resources.

    @Dilbert: I will check ZBlock. But I want to build a extension to check content. Fassim has that feature, too. I am talking with Dhrup and I know that good things are coming from us. :)

    @Dhrup: Nice ideia. I will implement in the next version. Wait for this next saturday, if my wife allow me to work at home. :) I am thinking in a IP blacklist, but hooking the registration or start page. If blacklisted, show a blank page or a 404 or 403 error. Is less resource intensive than .htaccess filters. (By the way, I banned 99% of China and Korea in htaccess).

  • i have spammers registering on my site and there ip addresses are not showing

  • @rohonupe99: Are you using the latest tracker plugin? Is the antispam below the tracker plugin?

    BTW, stopforumspam is not perfect. It blocks known spammers. Do a check if the plugin block some spammers. If it does, the plugin is ok. If the plugin doesn´t block anything, do some tests: Go to, take one registered spammer in the link, copy the email and try to register using that e-mail. The plugin MUST block your registration.

    One more thing: The plugin uses PHP CURL function. Check if this function is enabled by the host.

  • ok, there must be something wrong with the ip tracker plugin because no ip addresses are showing for any profiles. i'm using 1.7.10. so i'll check with the ip tracker thread and see if i can get it working on my site.

  • This plugin is very usefull. After 3 days of enabling this I got 14 messages saying spammer blocked.

    Thank you very much

  • @Thuvalpakshi: Wait for the version that I will release today. ;)

    @rohonupe99: Did you resolved your IP problem?

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