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Blocks registrations using external service, internal domain blacklist and internal e-mail blacklist.

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This plugin validates every registration against stopforumspam, fassim, internal domains, e-mails and IP blacklist.

The five validations can be enabled or disabled, and, to save external resources, the plugin validates the registration in the order below:

  1. Check IP against IP blacklist cache. (Cache expires once a week).
  2. If negative, check e-mail domain against domain blacklist.
  3. If negative, check e-mail against e-mail blacklist.
  4. If negative, check e-mail and IP against


  • Four validations can be enabled or disabled.
  • The plugin always checks the HTTP Status of and If the service is down, the plugin ignores the service and validates the user.
  • Optionally, the plugin can send, by e-mail, notifications about the blocked spammer.
  • If the user has a StopForumSpam API Key (Optional), the plugin can notify stopforumspam about the spammer.
  • The plugin doesn't extend the registration form, so must be compatible with every profile plugin. (Tested with Profile Manager).


  • API Key from (Optional)
  • PHP CURL function enabled. If you use a shared host, check with your host admin.
  • ELGG "daily" cron must be running.


  • Optionally gets a API Key.
  • Modify and save the settings.
  • Done.

Final notes:

  • If you like it, recommend it! Recommending, you don´t help me: you help the community, showing the best rated plugins and saving hours for new users.


  • Thanks to @RayJ for developing the original version of this

Matt Beckett

I'm a self-employed web developer, family man, nerd, scuba diver. Manager/maintainer of this elgg community site, and core Elgg development team member.

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  • Category: Spam
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-12-18
  • Downloads: 14126
  • Recommendations: 72

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