Quran Ayah

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Show Random/Specific Quran Ayaths anywhere in your site or as widgets

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This plugin will allow you to show random Ayahs from Holy Quran


  • Show random Quran Ayahs as a widget or anywhere in site
  • Show specific Quran Ayahs as a widget or anywhere in site
  • Show Ayahs in Arabic along with its translation in English and other languages
  • Easily install multiple translations
  • Users can select their own translation
  • Comes with an audioplayer to hear the mp3 of the displayed Ayah

Audio clip provided by : http://www.everyayah.com/

Quran translation provided by : http://tanzil.net/

Available translations : http://tanzil.net/trans/

How to show a Quran ayah anywhere else?

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Mohammed Aqeel

Developer at Team Webgalli


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