Moderated Comments v1.4

Release Notes

Upgraded deprecated functions for 1.8.3

  • Awesome! Thanks. Will give it a try. xD 

  • Can I moderate all site coments?


  • Thanks Matt Beckett.  I was using Speak Freely and even with a custom API key I was getting ten spam comments a day.   It was the only spam hole I had.  This should take care of it.  Feature suggestion:  Also allow admins to see the comments and moderate them.  Sometimes users don't return or they only do so once a month so it's good that the admin an approve comments.

  • Possible minor bug: It seems the comments still appear in search (under comments) even when they are still in the moderation queue waiting to be approved.

  • "it is assumed that logged in users are to be trusted." In some cases the content owner would like to delete or moderate the logged in user's comments. In most big social sites or forum sites we have seen even a trusted long time user can be posting not-favorable comments to a specific topic, specially socially or politically debatable ones. The content owner would then like to remove or edit such comment. This becomes more necessary when there is no specific fully working "Block this user" option in Elgg core or plugin while this option is available in most social nets, github, social php scripts. ( The available Block plugin does not do true block). Hence such request.

    Can this very important plugin be updated with the above feature, for Elgg 2.3.5 / Elgg 3 ? Many thanks in advance.

Matt Beckett

I'm a self-employed web developer, family man, nerd, scuba diver. Manager/maintainer of this elgg community site, and core Elgg development team member.

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  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-26
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