Deyan Shell v1.1.2

Release Notes

+ Nicer default theme 'glass'

+ standardize some input views

+ added a friends link to the panel

+ now admin can disable theme/icons selector

+ now users can decite whether show scroll bars on windows or not

+ admin can disable the scroll bars feature above.


Also since now for a list of changes please visit:

  • :) LOVE it! Recommended!

  • BUG: Whenever the Search Plugin is activated, there are two search being displayed. The one in the panel and one in the page itself. It kinda hide itself but its there.

    Version: 1.8.1

    Browsers: FF and Chrome

    Note: This bug is everywhere except in the dashboard.

    BUG 2: Fatal Error.  Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Search for more information. (get this error upon installing and uninstalling this plugin)

  • In the start.php between line 147 to 153 replace this code:

    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('file')) {
                    elgg_register_menu_item('start', array(   
                        'name' => 'file',
                        'href' => "/file/owner/$user->username",
                        'text' => deyan_view_icon('hard-drive') . elgg_echo('files'),
                        'priority' => 50,


    With This:

    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('file')) {
                    elgg_register_menu_item('start', array(   
                        'name' => 'file',
                        'href' => "/file/owner/$user->username",
                        'text' => deyan_view_icon('hard-drive') . elgg_echo('file'),
                        'priority' => 50,

    This corrects the error that shows the "files" tab instead of "Files" tab or just change . elgg_echo('files'), to . elgg_echo('file'),

    Hope it helps someone :)

  • After almost ONE WEEK OF DEBUGGING (im new to php so dont laugh) i finally figure out the problem to the double search bar bug and im mighty proud of myself lol.

    For those who are having problems with the two search bar in the page here is a fix for it:

    Go to deyan/start.php and find the code below (between line 45 and 48):

    //we don't want search box in the header
        elgg_unextend_view('page/elements/header', 'search/search_box');
        //also the search css is included on theme's panel css
        elgg_unextend_view('css/elgg', 'search/css');


    And Replace It With This:


    //The search bar in elgg is in the the header by default,
        //but lets get rid of it with this lil code
        if (elgg_is_active_plugin('search')) {
            elgg_extend_view('page/elements/topbar', 'search/search_box');
            elgg_unextend_view('page/elements/header', 'search/search_box');
                    elgg_unextend_view('page/elements/header', 'search/header');

        //also the search css is included on theme's panel css
        elgg_unextend_view('css/elgg', 'search/css');


    I hope this helps someone. :)

  • When I'm on my home page, I get a blue background and a little message at the very bottom saying the normal "Fatal Error" message :/ 

    Anyone know how to fix it? I really love this theme though, great job!



  • And also, when I log out, it is gone and the background is the background picture I uploaded for my profile.

  • Deactivate your custom index and run upgrade.php and you should be good :)

  • Oh... lol I feel stupid.. anyway... thanks a lot! :)

  • Dont be :) thats how we all learn. Cheers!

  • Anyone have an idea about that or know how to fix it? 

    'When I log out, it is gone and the background is the background picture I uploaded for my profile. (I want it to only be mine, not for other users.)'

  • It is only for you. Your background is save in the cache. Just clear your cache and it shows the default background.

  • @Nick & @Flexx:

    actually it is a bug. I've noticed of it time ago in my own web site where i test Deyan shell, but i didn't have time to fix this bug (and other bugs that i'm noticed), because i had a lot of work from the university and other project. But may be in this vacations i will work on the shell again :D. there are so many features that i didn't implement yet and they are on my initial feature's list. But please be patient ;).

    Also i will be pleased of any post noticing a bug that you found. Thanks in advance.

  • @angel welcome bk man :) cant wait!

  • hi its a awesome theme, you changed the whole looks cool ;) i want to know instead of providing url for backround images, can you pls let me know how user can upload the pictures and set there backgrounds, instead of providing some external url thanks in advance awesome job! :)

  • Here is a bug that I found. This is shown when I tried using mysite.tld/?view=rss and mysite.tld/?view=mobile

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/zennu/public_html/views/default/icon_libraries/gray/preview.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in/home/zennu/public_html/mod/deyan/lib/deyan.php on line 34

  • can you please update this plugin so that it will work properly in Elgg 1.8.3?

  • For the widgets on the Dashboard and Profile I have no options to delete them anymore (I'm running 1.8.2) Probably the reason why..

  • Hi,

    I installed sucefully, but when I try the glass theme I receive a white screen with 500 Internal server error.

    Could you help me?

  • For some reason after I installed this plugin it's not displaying the front page correctly. It doesn't display the pics in the middle of the page at all...

  • Hi, I was wondering if there are any plans to make the 'panel' feature of the shell a stand alone? I love the concept and the presentation of it.

  • Trojan, you wrote:

    ie doesn't support rgba colors, for ie css looks like so:
    *zoom: 1;

     66 = opacity

    Where exactly should this be added? 

  • Please help!

    Plugin is not working! I have placed it below all others.

    any new update for this?

  • @Angel Gabriel Please update this one. its a great mod for elgg community.

  • Please help me to intigrate live notification plugin by Fernando Vega in top panel plz what code to add in panel/module/live_notification?content.php plz someone help



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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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