Deyan Shell v1.1.2

Release Notes

+ Nicer default theme 'glass'

+ standardize some input views

+ added a friends link to the panel

+ now admin can disable theme/icons selector

+ now users can decite whether show scroll bars on windows or not

+ admin can disable the scroll bars feature above.


Also since now for a list of changes please visit:

  • I installed this and it caused the site to crash.  I tried it on 1.8 beta 2.

  • Hi!

    I tested this shell for few days and I want to thank Angel Gabriel for this great work !

    I founded 3 problems with it :

    1 = The tab "Members" disapeared, not replaced by a members link on the panel, so, there's no way to contact users to create a group or to become friends or follower and so on...

    2 = There's a graphical bug with the search field : there are two search fields when only one is needed and it is very good on the top bar. The second one is on the right in front of the top of the "box" and so in front of the "X" cross to close the "box".

    3 = On the "Activity" box, there are graphical bugs with the icons "refresh" and "settings" and the background color is the default blue...

    It would be great to explain how to change the background image for everybody and not just for each users, and it would be great to disable for users the ability to change the background.

    I would like to custom the top bar. There is no mention of the site on it ! How can we do it?

    Thanks a lot Angel Gabriel !

  • @Frank Barcellona be sure that Deyan Shell is at the bottom of the plugins list.thanks!



    @Netgrabber thanks! :D.

    1.- it's easy to do so. But i think that i forgive it :p. Scheduled for the next release ;).

    2.- this bug is already answered here in the comments on another release. Simply be sure that Deyan Shell is below the search plugin. :)

    3.- What activity box? did you mean the activity page or the widget? would you upload a screenshot?

    *Te default background comes with the theme selected. Justo go to the view /themes/glass/images/wallpaper.jpg and replace it for your custom background. It will be loaded with glass theme.

    *I have not documented yet all the functions with the shell, because i'm planning to do some changes in the panel system, it will be like the themes & icons subsystems, to easy add modules & also let users customize it. Please be patient, this is still beta software ;)


  • I just also added it to my test site i have it all the way at the bottom and it will not activate im on ver

  • i just get a white screen after activating...




    thats what the url string looks like

  • I did also get a white screen, but I refreshed and it was ok and works.  I did have one other question.  You said if we want to add other themes, to put it in the themes folder and register.  Hate to ask a stupid question, but how do I exactly do that?  Thanks!

  • @Frank Barcellona you need to use the function deyan_register_theme($theme);  where $theme is a string with the name of the theme (the same as the folder you put into themes/ view) and put this function in start.php. I encourage that you create a new plugin to do so, but if you don't want to do that, open the start.php in deyan shell and regirter it here, just search for the line deyan_register_theme('glass'); and add your theme below.


    @demo7up i didn't tested this plugin in yet :S but soon i'll test it and may be upgrade if a conflict exist.

  • Thanks so much Angel.  I understand now.  Appreciate the great mod!  Do you plan to offer more themes besides the two so far?

  • Another question.  When someone changes the theme, does that change it for everyone or just them.  I would like a system that allows each person to have their own customized look.  Thanks!

  • @Frank Barcellona I'm planning to change a bit the themng subsystem, to let themes only change those files which they really want to change. So it will be easier to do themes.

    And yes, this plugin allows users to set their own theme, so only they can see their changes, also the custom background & icons. And i'm working on a panel system like that.

  • Hy Deyan

    this is a great plugin.... and brillant theme

    How do i add a new icon in the fast menu ?


    thanks a lot


  • Yeah, really great plugin. And I have the same question.

    So..  how to add  a custom plugins to the deyan menu?

  • I'm a novice at this so please be kind of detailed but what I want to know is 

    - is there away to add a logo above the panel bar and if so how


  • Does anyone else have problems in internet explorer with the shell. My background loads and text but not boxes containing text 

  • ie doesn't support rgba colors, for ie css looks like so:



    *zoom: 1;

     66 = opacity

  • Works good in 1.8 very nice layout, but needs a theme creator.Not much good with only one theme.

  • Wow i must say that this shell is awsome really nice work :)

    I was messing around with it to restore the tab members, its an easy fix just add this around line 164 in start.php

       if (elgg_is_active_plugin('members')) {
        elgg_register_menu_item('start', array( 
         'name' => 'members',
         'href' => "/members",
         'text' => deyan_view_icon('user') . elgg_echo('members'),
         'priority' => 60,


  • how to show link to tidypics on "deyan-panel-module-id-start-menu"?

  • hello first great work, I wonder if it is how you fix a bug I found, because when a User chooses a theme it is standard for all users, I wanted each to be admin User escolhece his subject but as one chooses usuaio a theme all users are on the same subject. Thank you!

  • I can't believe, dear friend u have totally changes the look of elgg. u r great. thanks for this. using it wiht elgg just wow.


    i want to insert my logo in panel. how can i add it??

  • To add new icons (links) in menu:

    OPEN: "<yoursite>/mod/deyan/start.php"

    SEARCH for this line "// Mods for the right side of the panel" using ctrl+f


    add the following code BEFORE that line, (code for izap videos):

    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('izap-videos')) {
                    elgg_register_menu_item('start', array(
                        'name' => 'videos',
                        'href' => "/videos",
                        'text' => deyan_view_icon('video') . elgg_echo('Videos'),
                        'priority' => 60,


    Make changes as PER REQUIRMENT

    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('PLUGIN NAME')) {
                    elgg_register_menu_item('start', array(
                        'name' => 'NAME',
                        'href' => "/THE LINK",
                        'text' => deyan_view_icon('ICON') . elgg_echo('TAG'),
                        'priority' => 60,









  • If you want privacy from non logged-in users do following (Hide search from non logged-in users):


    1. OPEN: "<yoursite>/mod/deyan/start.php"

    2. SEARCH for this line "// Register our panel modules. Also we" using ctrl+f


    3. After these lines you can see the following code:

    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('search'))


    deyan_register_panel_mod('search', 'right', 1000);



    4. Cut the above code and paste it after the following line:



    5. This line is exactly after the code in step 4

  • Thanks... I found this after looking into the coding a few weeks ago.

  • is it possible to remove the topbar from the login page alone? i need the top bar once i log in





     To include a theme, you must include the folder in view <themes/yourtheme> 



    (The theme is unzipped here) 



    and register it trough the function deyan_register_theme($theme);


    whats that mean?  ''register it trough the function deyan_register_theme($theme);''


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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