Deyan Shell v1.1.0

Release Notes


*Users can now set their own custom background.

*A new page handler called <personalize> where you can find all settings for themes, icon's, panel & customization.

*User's can activate their avatar on user menu on panel.

*User's can select their own icon library (if any).

*All icons in panel & panel modules now where handled by deyan_view_icon()

*The admin can select wich sizes of icon library where loaded.

also see ChangeLog.


  • This should be one of the best plugins ever written for elgg :-)

    awesome.nice job.


    Some times admins may like this framework for developing themes but they may not like the option of giving users opportunity to change theme.

    The search bar should be provided in the topbar.

    I didnt go through the complete code but it can be added         deyan_register_panel_mod('search_bar', 'right');

    and putting a file inside views/panel/search_bar/content.php right?

    Just a suggestion make the default theme little bit nicer.

    Is the project on github?


  • hi .

    I installed deyan shell and selected glass theme.

    this is great plugin.

    but i need to change color of fonts lighter(#FFFFFF) in register form because it's difficult to read.

    please help me


  • @anirupdutta thanks for the comment & the suggestions. Well i didn't though about letting admin disable the theme selector, but it will be a useful feature, added to my to do list :D, jeje the search box was one of the first thing that i added to the TO DO but i think i've ignored it :p don't worry, as you say is so easy to do a simpe module using the function and adding the view :D, as i am returning to the university this week, i was only worked in theming glass so the next upgrade it will be more 'nice'. And no, because i was on vacation i didn't have time to create a proyect in github but Deyan Shell will be in github or sourceforge.



    @amin it's simple, justo go to <mod/deyan/views/default/themes/glass/css/typography.php> and here you can edit the color of the fonts. I think that the class you are looking for are the <h1><h2><h...> tags, wich are in dark blue and in the glass theme they are hard to read. Also i was theming the default theme and changed those colors, so in the next release it will be fixed :D. thanks for the comment.

  • It took Me awhile to get this working on 1.8 but I did and I LOVE IT!!!!  I hope to see this plugin keep growing and getting better. 


  • Thank you for answering quickly  .

    I changed code but i didn't see any changes in my site.

    Firebug show me this code for text of register form:

    label {
    I found somthing similar in  mod/deyan/views/default/themes/glass/css/forms.php
    but when i chang #333333 to #ffffff  I can't see any change again.
    is it posible there is a cash problem?
  • yyyyyess. it was cash problem. I deactived plugin and activated it again. now i can see changes. thank you again for your nice plugin.

  • Hi.

    I need to have a search bar .

    If it is possible, could you explain about it.

    thank you

  • @amin hi, i'm a bit busy at the university this week, but the little work that i've done in the plugin includes a search bar and a new nice mod for messages. Don't worry the new release will contain it and it will be aviavle soon ;)


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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