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Got rid of a debugging statement in the edit.php action file.

  • @Pavithra: What version of Elgg are you using?  Mine works fine for regular users.  The data is kept seperately, so when I save widgets and such on the private profile, it does  not show up on the public profile page.  Is that what is happening to you?

  • Question: I really like this private/public profile concept. I do not have the var_dump() errors appearing anymore when I edit data. Awesome! Thanks.

    However, I don't quite understand where the "private" part comes in? I see that the default on the private profile is "friends", and on the public profile the default is "public". But when I created  a new member and went to view the profile I had just created with another dummy profile, I could view the wire and activity of the member - whether or not I had "friend" in the widget or "private". Near as I can tell, no matter what I do in editing the acess area of the widgets, other members can still see my profile activity and wire - and/or or perhaps other information on other widgets as well.

    I can change the widgets to look different from each other (the private verses the public profiles), but will the information I enter in each (groups I join, songs I upload) be visible to all users no matter what I enter into the access area?

    By the way, do you happen to know what "Private" actually means on the widget? Does this mean that only I(the member) can see what is in that widget? I'm kind of scratching my head on this one. I thought that perhaps the default under for the private profile would be...well..."private". Not that it doesn't make sense that auto default would be for friends. But what is private then? Hmmm....

    And this may be an inquiry you can't help me with (please let me know if this is true)--is the default for Elgg software set to automatically add a friend? It appears this is so. If this is so, is there a plugin to change this? Because of the type of website I am creating, it is necessary for my users to view other users basic information--and see more extended profile information at a cost. I thought I would ask you since the question about private verses public profile came up regarding the multiple profiles issues or inquiries.

    I anxiously await your response, and I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Well to start, 'private' means that only the user who's profile it is can see it, aka: the 'page owner' in Elgg's terms.  This defeats the purpose of a social media website, so that is why I made the private page default to 'friends'.

    I will check into the whole activity being visible to other users.  I didn't mess with that really.  I just wanted the static information on a user's profile to be public/private.  I will try and update this plugin with that functionality (if possible) in the near future (month or so). 

    In regard to your last question, I don't really understand what you are asking?  By default, Elgg works much like Twitter in that you sort of follow each other.  So, when you 'friend' another person, you declare that you are friends with that person, but that person may not consider you as their friend (the feelings aren't mutual!).  If you are looking for a plugin that will make the friendships more like Facebook, there is a plugin for it (not sure what it's name is).  What I mean by Facebook type friends is that when you 'friend' someone, it sends a request to that person to verify the friendship.  If they accept, then the friendship is mutual, so automatically both user's involved have 'friended' each other. 

  • Thank you for your explanations. Of course I understand that setting the default to "Private" would of course defeat the purpose of a social media website. I will await the plug-in with functionality beyond the statuc information default on the profile of being public/private. Regarding my last question: Yes, in my case, I am looking for a plug-in that will not automatically add someone as a friend, but to whom I have to ALSO add as a friend before they may see my profile and profile information. Incidentally--and after I sent this message to you-- I did find the plug in (friend_request), but it isn't compatible with my theme OR one of the other plug-ins I have installed, so my site went down altogether...and my web hosting provider had to actually go in and disable the plugin. Just fyi.

    Thanks again for your work on the plugin. This is an excellent option. Candid

  • Could you make a userpoints for 1.8?

  • I wonder if there is a way to make a similar plugin but so that you can have multiple public profiles, what I want is to be able to have a single user with multiple profiles that they switch between, this is mainly for a roleplaying purpose, so that each character has it's own profile.

  • I too am looking for a way to allow a single user to have multiple public profiles.  Does such a thing exist?  



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