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The ability to have two profiles (public and private).

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This is a plugin that overrides the 'profile' plugin that comes with the default Elgg installation.  It overrides the profile plugin so that any other entities that refer to the profile plugin will work flawlessly. 

There are two tabs at the top of the profile (under the site name, and in the profile wrapper).  They are labeled 'Public' and 'Private'.*

Each profile is completely different, but the user is still one ElggUser entity.  I just replicated the profile view for each tab, and then changed the context of the page.**

Everything in the profile is seperate between the public and private profile except for everything in <div id="profile_info_column_left" ></div>.  For those of you not so experienced programmers (in or out of Elgg), this is the left colum at the top of the profile that shows the user icon (avatar), and the menu options (add friend, friends, friends of, etc..).

Editting either profile view will change only that profile.***


*NOTE: This plugin overwrites the permissions for the profile view.  If you want it changed, I can either add an admin menu, or you can do it yourself.  Everytime a profile page loads, after the context is set, all of the widgets on the page are set to the proper access_id based on the view.  Eg: Context => ACCESS_PRIVATE....  That is the format.  Here is how mine work with the two given contexts that are defined (they are hard-coded in).  'public_profile' => ACCESS_PUBLIC (2); 'private_profile' => ACCESS_FRIENDS (-2).  I don't know if there is an ACCESS_FRIENDS constant, but I know the id's are correct.  I just used them.  I hope that makes sense!

**Note: Be careful replacing this plugin with the original profile plugin on production sites!!  The way the data is stored for each profile view does NOT overwrite the data that is originally in the profile, thus things like the widgets a user has in his profile before the plugin install are still being stored in the database, but not being used.  I haven't gotten around to garbage collection and such.  I was excited to make this and thought I should just get it out in the community as soon as possible!

***Note: This is except for things in the div stated earlier.  So your profile icon, friends, userpoints, badges, etc.. are NOT unique in the different profile views.


Remember that this is the first version of this plugin.  I have tested quite a bit, but not with every different possible combination of plugins available.  Do not install on a production without testing first!!

Let me know of any bugs/changes you find/would like to see.  I check Elgg daily so feel free to send PM's and leave comments.  Thanks and I hope you guys like this!!




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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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