Resume / ePortfolio editor v1.4.5

Release Notes

1.4.5 :  - regular link for printed version (no JS)1.4.4 : production alpha version  - enddates is now overrided by a new "ongoing" option (if ongoing : $enddate = time())  - implementation in dated entities + visualization1.4.3 : in-progress version for FormaVia  - added languages entries for item:object:(new types)1.4.2 : in-progress version for FormaVia  - XML Europass export :    * note : address fields are not structured - we use an unstructured contact field instead    * some missing fields : see in-files documentation (xml-europass views)1.4.1 : in-progress version for FormaVia  - better explanations on language form  - updated experience form  - minor changes1.4 : in-progress version for FormaVia  - integrates protovis chronogram visualization for users : uses education + workexperience + experience data1.3 : in-progress version for FormaVia  - full and compact views : education, language, workexperience  - better forms and rendering views : education, language, workexperience1.2 : in-progress version for FormaVia  => see readme.txt for change details  - admin settings : activate data types  - add CV types and corresponding actions+forms+views : experience, language, education, workexperience, skill, skill_ciiee  - lazy normalization to Europass format (contact items are not detailed + skills don't include driving licences yet and are structured differently - more granular)  - heavy plugin structure changes (new views, start.php changes...)  - no longer replace the userdetails view (extend it instead)  - collapsible boxes are collapsed by default1.1 : development version by Facyla for FormaVia  - backported to 1.6.1 (almost nothing to change)  - integrating Europass data structure  - experience and language objects  - @todo : workexperience, education and skill objects1.0 : original version by Pablo Borbón @ Consultora Nivel7 Ltda.

Florian DANIEL aka Facyla

Web strategy consultant, Elgg integrator and developer, collaborative tools trainer


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