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Resume - structured Europass CV tool + visualization

This plugin was inspired and based on Pablo Borbon "Resume aka ePortfolio" plugin :

This version was adapted for Elgg 1.6.1, based on FormaVia needs.

It was strongly adapted to fit FormaVia's needs :

  • Modified data structure to meet Europass standards (Europass-compatible structure for most fields, except address)
  • XML EUropass export
  • Printable version
  • Resume graphical visualization (requires "protovis" plugin, or "protovis" library integration, see my other plugins)
  • Experience types : work, academic, other (not formal), languages, skills & C2i2e skills (2 latest are still in development)
  • Admin settings : select functionnalities and experience types
  • Major views changes for listings, search
  • new "importance" (subjective rating) fileds for life, work and academic experiences

Please note that this plugin is still in (slow) development, and that some bugs may apppear (known bug : wrong user status on printable version, skill integration not done in Europass CV, and skill views not very clean yet..). Further versions may be released based on constructive feedback and suggestions. Thanks !

The "chronogram" visualization was inspired by "Le Jardin des Savoirs" work from "Asso BUG" in Rennes, France.

Florian DANIEL aka Facyla

Web consultant, Elgg developer, entrepreneur @ Facyla & natural idées


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