Group Tools v4.0

Release Notes

4.0 (2015-07-08)

  • fixed: group thumbnails not loading in Elgg 1.10 #78
  • fixed: wrong checks on group default access (thanks to
  • fixed: using output/url instead of output/confirmlink (deprecated) #83
  • fixed: deprecated message for editing a group #84
  • fixed: group icons not showing for older groups #82
  • Woohoo an update :) Thanks for this, but i noticed an error when i try to 'invite'. Error message is as follows:

    Deprecated in 1.9: \ElggUser::getFriends takes an option array


    Still..  Thanks for this, been waiting for a Group Tools update for too long :)

    P.s. Invite still works, just throwing that error up :)

  • Seems you can only add friends at the minute, not sure if the above error has anything to do with it...

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