Group Tools v3.2

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3.2 (2015-07-08)

  • added: composer support
  • added: option to allow group members to mail other members
  • fixed: wrong checks on group default access (thanks to
  • fixed: group icons not showing for older groups #82
  • Posted to a related thread on v3.0.

    For most of my groups, when I add a new object (discussion, bookmark etc..) it defaults to "Access:Private" instead of "Access: Group XXXX"

    Download a fresh 3.2 from the github repo, but same issue.



  • Seems like if there is a value in the "elgg_private_settings" table for the entity_guid associated  with the group and a name elgg_default_access and a corresponding value of "0" then the default access is "Private". If I delete the record for that group, then the access is "Group XXXXX".

    My plan is to delete all these records, but I would be interested in any thoughts that this might have a negative effect elsewhere.



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