Group Tools v3.0

Release Notes

3.0 (2014-11-17):

  • changes for Elgg 1.9
  • added: group tool presets
  • added: grouppicker autocomplete
  • added: filter to group activity page
  • added: option for group admins to export the members to CSV (admin enabled option)
  • added: support for widget_manager group tool based widgets
  • added: user menu items in group member listing
  • fixed: PHP fatal exceptions when using group admins on group join
  • fixed: problem with some tabs shown when logged out
  • fixed: adding pagination to prevent long loading times with large lists #71
  • fixed: hide my status join link depending on cleanup setting #60
  • fixed: group visibility options in walled garden
  • fixed: problem with some tabs shown when logged out
  • changed: more efficient annotation query for email invitations (thanks to Matt Beckett)
  • changed: improved group thumbnail loading
  • In group_tools/lib/hooks.php:group_tools_access_default_handler, I see this starting on line 586:

            // check if the group as a default access set
            $group_access = $page_owner->getPrivateSetting("elgg_default_access");
            if ($group_access !== false) {
                $result = (int) $group_access;

    In my case the $group_access variable is Null on most of my groups -- there is no private setting for 'elgg_default_access'.  So $result is set to (int)Null, which is 0, which is ACCESS_PRIVATE.

    It may be a bug to assume that 'elgg_default_access' is set on a group.  Should this be the check instead?

            if (!is_null($group_access) && $group_access !== false) {
                $result = (int) $group_access;
  • A related issue exists in group_tools/views/default/groups/edit/access.php:

    // default group access
    if ($entity && ($default_access === ACCESS_DEFAULT)) {
        $new_default_access = $entity->getPrivateSetting("elgg_default_access");
        if (!is_null($new_default_access) && $new_default_access !== false) {
            $default_access = $new_default_access;

    I added the bold/underlined part.

  • Actually I'm not sure that checking to see if $group_access is false even makes sense.  Probably should just be:

            if (!is_null($group_access)) { // check group setting for default access
                $result = (int) $group_access;
            else // check site setting for group_default_access {
  • @Josh Henly

    thanks for reporting. fix it in the github versions

  • @bman , your patch made Group Tools work in my 1.10.4 installation. Thank you!

  • @Jerome Bakkerdownloading the last version from github made it work too. But I think that it didn't work when I downloaded Group Tools from Elgg Plugins site. Is the last version available there?

  • I am still running into the default access issue on 1.9.7 with group_tool 3.2 downloaded from github repo. My groups are set for "default access; Group members only". They are all hidden invite only groups. 

    All these groups were created under a earlier group_tools on a elgg 1.8 instance. Most of them default to private when you create a discussion or bookmark etc.. There are a couple of groups that do not do this, I have no clue why. All have the same group tools settings.


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