Group Tools v2.8

Release Notes

2.8 (2013-10-31):

  • added: option to allow group members to invite more members
  • added: Portuguese-Brazilian translation (thanks to brunovb)
  • added: tags to quickstart discussion widget
  • added: suggested groups (based on profile information)
  • added: group admins are notified upon membership request #31 (thanks to Matt Beckett)
  • fixed: crash when listing a forum topic of a hidden group
  • fixed: email invites are not cleaned up on register
  • fixed: group owner should not be group admin #26
  • changed: better group selection in quickstart discussion widget
  • changed: showing group status (open/closed) is a plugin setting #3
  • changed: group index widget to include popular groups option #28

2.7 (2013-06-27):

  • added: status icon when discussion is closed and fast action to close/open a topic
  • added: a widget to quickly start a discussion (index, dashboard and group context)
  • fixed: no tab selected in group listing when group_tools is first activated
  • fixed: group admin transfer no longer working for non admins
  • changed: performance improvement in group admin transfer
  • changed: discussion list now shows in which group the discussion takes place (if not already clear)

2.6 (2013-05-06):

  • added: option to hide the My Status sidebar
  • fixed: using new cache functions
  • changed: index groups widget now optionally respects group ordering

Jerome Bakker

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