Group Tools v2.2

Release Notes

2.2 (2012-05-07):

  • added: featured group widget
  • added: a index widget (for Widget Manager) to show the latest discussions
  • added: widget title link for group membership (in combination with Widget Manager)
  • added: option to invite all friends or all site members (admin only)
  • fixed: outstanding invitations and membership request not always cleaned up
  • fixed: incorrect widget title for group members
  • fixed: deprecated notices in combination with widget_manager
  • fixed: pagination in group members widget
  • fixed: wrong action link in remove invitation
  • fixed: bug with creating group invitations
  • fixed: PHP notices and warnings
  • changed: sending of group invite e-mails to be more generic
  • changed: restored limited functionality of group activity river

2.1 (2012-04-16):

  • added: option to limit group creation to site administrators
  • fixed: language error in group sorting (thanks to LeeUK)
  • fixed: depricated notice getOwner() => getOwnerGUID()
  • Great plugin to have more professional groups in Elgg! Thanks.

    It is also remarkable that this plugin release took into account also the services to other authors' useful plugins. Excellent cooperation.

    As a wish, would be nice to have in group permissions the option to allow membership only after admin approval. Specifying per member the allowances (whether their postings require approval, whether they can upload files etc) would be nice but probably it is too much to ask for!

    Thanks again for this plugin!


  • What a plugin. It enables admins restrict group creation to admins. I was looking for such plugin for days but finally found this through big G

  • Hi Jerome, really great plugin. On 1.8.5 it gives an error, you use the var internalname in arrays which is deprecated. 

    Use name instead. I fixed this on my site, but offcourse better to do it in your source and maybe with backwards compatibility.



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