Group Tools v12.0.1

Release Notes

12.0.1 (2020-06-09):

  • fixed: removed left over debug code

12.0 (2020-05-26):

  • changed: incerased minimal Elgg version to 3.3
  • fixed: double filter menu on group edit page
  • fixed: inviting all site members crashed the invite action
  • fixed: use correct options for grouppicker in river widget
  • Hello. I wanted to try this out (v12.0.1), but I get an error after unzipping the files and loading the Plugins page:

    Missing dependency [priority: after profile_manager].

    I do have Widget Manager installed and I have Elgg 3.3.13. It may be due to some other Plugin I have activated, but I thought I should tell you.

  • @Blue,

    As the message says the plugin needs to be after (below) the Profile Manager plugin.

    It has nothing to do with the Widget Manager plugin.

  • Oh! Thanks! I'm new to Elgg.

  • Hi, pretty new to Elgg, I've started a self-hosted community to replace a Yahoo Groups group. But I've run into an error/bug with Group Tools I think.

    When I try to to "Mail to Group" feature for a group with 17 members. I can type a message and it says there's 17 recipients. When I then try to send the message I get the notification: "Please select at least one member to send the message to".

    When I click "All members" the number of recipients goes down to 0 and when I try to send it I get the same message. When I try to click "Select individual members" I get the list of the members in the group, but I can't select them (instead I go to the Profile pages when I click on them. 

    It's not a browser thing I believe. I don't have any other additional plugins apart from what was out. It happens in a test group I've created as well. And Group Mail is allowed for all Group Members.

    I just upgraded the Elgg 3.3.14 and it's still happening. Do you have any idea what might be the fix? Or is this a bug? 


  • Try with the latest release.

    Join to Elgg Channel on Telegram so you don't miss Elgg plugins updates.

  • @SurpriseIce

    In version 12.0.3 we fixed some issues on the Group Mail page. Have a look at the latest release here

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