Group Tools v10.0

Release Notes

  • added: group admins tab on group members page
  • added: group creation dropdown has some wrapper text around preset title
  • added: group membership and managed tabs
  • added: group status title menu button now shows group admin status
  • added: group tool preset input field type
  • added: group tool preset set from group add button
  • added: preset description set as title on create preset title menu item
  • added: related group plugin setting
  • added: simplified group tool preset selection
  • added: support for core removal of group icon
  • changed: cleanup of entity menu
  • changed: control availability of sorting menu through menu view var
  • changed: group all listing rework
  • changed: group mail rewrite
  • changed: invite user now uses userpicker
  • changed: moved featured and suggested admin list to own admin page
  • changed: moved group membership requests to correct route registration
  • changed: moved plugin init into elgg-plugin and bootstrap
  • changed: moved related groups to a correct route definition
  • changed: moved repair actions to its own admin page
  • changed: moved some helper functions to inline checks
  • changed: moved special state form actions to entity menu
  • changed: no longer provide a custom view and style for suggested groups
  • changed: related groups now uses a grouppicker
  • changed: replaced custom autocomplete features
  • changed: rewrite group sidebar/profile cleanup
  • changed: set minimal requirement to Elgg 3
  • changed: updated action responses
  • changed: use elgg_view_message for stale info
  • fixed: call correct group join function
  • fixed: database queries
  • fixed: database query error in suggested groups
  • fixed: fatal exception when showing group admins
  • fixed: group activity widget works again
  • fixed: group invite issues
  • fixed: group mail notifications listen to correct event
  • fixed: group member page
  • fixed: group members listing not in alphabetical order
  • fixed: group members search not working correctly
  • fixed: group owner transfer not scalable
  • fixed: group permissions taken away
  • fixed: group tool preset doesn't hide tools on tabbed creation
  • fixed: lots of query deprecated notices
  • fixed: moved deprecated action handles to correct hooks
  • fixed: only quick return on member search ajax call
  • fixed: typos in English translation
  • fixed: unable to disable tabs on group listing page
  • fixed: user hover menu itme sections
  • removed: callback functions for rows replaced with anonymous func
  • removed: custom featured group sidebar view
  • removed: grouppicker functionality has been moved to core
  • removed: group sidebar cleanup features have been removed
  • removed: group_news widget is no longer provided
  • removed: migrateListingSettings upgrade
  • removed: no longer support old routes to group profile
  • removed: setting to control if status is shown on ownerblock and profile
  • removed: widget settings to control visibility of membership count

Jerome Bakker

Developer @ ColdTrick IT Solutions


  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2021-9-28
  • Downloads: 23907
  • Recommendations: 82

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