Event Manager v5.0.1

Release Notes

  • added: german translation
  • changed: replaced the add link with a more link in the widget footer
  • fixed: changed widget more span into div
  • fixed: correct path to dompdf lib
  • fixed: events aren't likeable
  • fixed: inline image to prevent dompdf complaining about remote embed
  • fixed: using correct jquery function
  • Hello,

    Thank you for this great job!

    I wanted to know if you planned to add this feature: setting recurring events without specifying dates manually. My use case is to create events for french courses that happens every monday, from september to june.


  • In the Group main page the event create link is visible also if I set-up Who can create group events  = GroupOwners. 

    I'm not exper but I add this : 

    if ((($who_create_group_events == 'group_admin') && $page_owner->canEdit()) || (($who_create_group_events == 'members') && $page_owner->isMember($user))) {
        $new_link = elgg_view('output/url', array(
            'href' => "/events/event/new/" . $group->getGUID(),
            'text' => elgg_echo('event_manager:menu:new_event'),

    Is workng but I'm not sure if I made the right things


  • Anthony, that is a great idea! I need this function myself:)

  • ivanoman, thanks. Did you add it at the end of the start.php file in the groups folder?

  • I have issues with tag plugins. I have to deactivated tag plugins to use Event manager. :(

    With Tag tools activated, when saving an event: 

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function trigger_plugin_hook() in /home/xxxx/xxxxxx/html/mod/tag_tools/lib/functions.php on line 398

    With Follow tags activated, when saving an event: 

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_metadata_byname() in /home/xxxx/xxxxxx/html/mod/follow_tags/lib/functions.php on line 162

    Any idea?

  • @anthony you should update your plugins... check for updated version of tag_tools here: https://github.com/ColdTrick/tag_tools

  • Thank you Jeroen! It works now. :) 

  • Anthony,

    sorry my changes are not working fine. 
    I will keep you informed.

    In the mean time if someone else find the solution is welcome.

  • Can someone tell me why the event show this strange format date:

    AM662016-06UTC01UTC-12002016Tue, 21 Jun 2016 00:00:01 +000062016 21:00

    I think all is connecter to event_manager_format_date in functions.php



  • that function is using a language key to format the date... maybe a mistranslation caused this error?

  • Thanks Jeroen! 

    I'm so stupid. I translated the format date into italian hahahaha


  • Hi Jeroen, 

    I tried to change mod\event_manager\views\default\event_manager\group_module.php

    if ((($who_create_group_events == 'group_admin') && $page_owner->canEdit()) || (($who_create_group_events == 'members') && $page_owner->isMember($user))) {
        $new_link = elgg_view('output/url', array(
            'href' => "/events/event/new/" . $group->getGUID(),
            'text' => elgg_echo('event_manager:menu:new_event'),

    But is not working.


  • Hi Jeroen,

    I have got a question about event manager plugin licence: this plugin is released under GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.

    But, to "add event to your personal calendar software (ical export)", the plugin uses an external library called "AddEvent", which seems released under a commercial licence if used by a company: $4.80/month according to their website.

    Could you please clarify if the use of event manager plugin by a company is under GPL2 or commercial ?

    Best regards,


  • Olivier,

    this is a good question. The event_manager plugin code is indeed GPL, the addevent code is probably not, however at the time the addevent code was added there was another license related to the addevent feature. Current license code included in this plugin is a professional license key related to ColdTrick IT Solutions. The addevent license is unclear at this moment on the limitations on their use or reuse. Future versions will probably remove the current license key and allow site owners to set a license key themselves (or disable the addevent feature).

  • Thanks Jeroen for the answer.

    Why not using a similar libray released under a GPL or a MIT licence: AddToCalendar for instance

  • AddToCalendar seems like a clone of the library we use. AddEvent.com previously was named addtocalendar (the code even has a lot of similarities). We could take this into consideration when releasing a new version. Thanks for the tip.

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