Event Manager v4.0

Release Notes

  • added: function documentation
  • added: composer support
  • added: updated addthisevent to v1.6.0
  • added: Adds .gitignore that ignores all files beginning with a dot
  • added: Adds Finnish translations file
  • added: Adds Spanish translations file

  • changed: change sender of notifications to owner of event

  • changed: changed how the googlemaps.js file is loaded
  • changed: Event->getFirstWaitingUser is now a protected function
  • changed: moved a few pages to ajax views
  • changed: moved fee and attendee fields to registration tab
  • changed: moved maps setting queries to js file
  • changed: moved out html output to view instead of class function
  • changed: moved registration of js to page setup to save db call in init
  • changed: namespaced javascript functions
  • changed: reduced complexity of notifyOnRSVP function
  • changed: refactored and cleaned up a lot of code
  • changed: refactored js into multiple modules that get loaded on demand
  • changed: registration options now has its own language key
  • changed: replaced custom js and pages with ajaxed views
  • changed: replaced custom loading indicator with elgg/spinner
  • changed: replaced date format define with a language key
  • changed: replaced day/delete procedure with action
  • changed: replaced inline css with a global page class
  • changed: replaced md5 + sitesecret code generation with elgg_build_hmac
  • changed: replaced the deprecated jquery live function usage with .on()
  • changed: rewrote procedures into actions and ajax views
  • changed: updated to newest DOMPDF library
  • changed: Format English and Finnish translation files to the Elgg 1.9 syntax
  • changed: moved Event edit form under views/default/forms
  • changed: moved page handler to own lib file
  • changed: moved slot/delete procedure to regular action
  • changed: replaced event_manager_get_form_pulldown_* functions with input/time view
  • changed: refactoring for the event editing form
  • changed: got rid of the HTML tables
  • changed: refactored the slot saving procedure
  • changed: replaced the slot edit file with an action file
  • changed: separated javascript from the form HTML
  • changed: register object classes on plugin activation and unregister them on deactivation

  • fixed: current icon label was showing even if there was no icon

  • fixed: do not show attendee count if not open for registration and count is 0
  • fixed: location selection on edit form no longer working
  • fixed: replaced deprecated class parameter in ElggMenu::factory
  • fixed: replaced deprecated functions with alternatives
  • fixed: set correct enctype in event edit form to allow icon upload
  • fixed: update thumbnail page to new Entity DirLocator
  • fixed: correctly set ignore access for handling private events
  • fixed: deprecation notices for output/confirmlink
  • fixed: 0 values were mistaken for empty values on registration form
  • fixed: export attendees now uses ElggBatch to prevent OOM issues
  • fixed: send correct notifications when moving pending users to attendee
  • fixed: deprecated use of getEntitiesFromRelationship() method
  • fixed: missing values from the event editing form
  • fixed: replace deprecated add_to_river() with elgg_create_river_item()

  • removed: unused procedure and function

  • removed: unused views
  • removed: event class function getEventLocation
  • removed: Event->exportAttendees function
  • removed: Event->getRegistrationData function
  • removed: Event->isAttending function
  • removed: unused Event->isUserRegistered function
  • removed: unused EventSlot->isUserWaiting function
  • removed: unused function getRegistrationsByUser
  • removed: unused isWaiting and getWaitingUsers functions
  • If I am not wrong then there was a feature in "Event Calendar" for 1.8 where the admin had the option to transfer/add an event to a group that was created as a personal event by user. Can we have the same feature in "Event Manager".

    Reason: I am using elgg as a community for students where students can post events. Now many times the user creates a fest/workshop events under their profile as personal events instead of creating it in the college group it should belong to. In such cases, its very useful that the event can later be transfer to the respective college group where the event actually belongs to.

  • Hi Jeroem, I changed date format to d-m-Y, but when I edit/create an event and change date from the date picker, date format changes to Y-m-d, can you suggest me a solution?

    Thanks for your quality plugins.

  • @Javier the date format is only used for presentation (for now). So on the edit form you have no control over the date format at the moment.

  • Hi Jeroem, I may be missing something, but how do you delete or edit events in Event Manager v4.0? I've upgraded my client's website from Elgg 1.8 to 1.11. In Event Manager v2.7.1, there were links to edit and delete events to the right of listed events (along with number of attendees, friends, and like). I see an edit.php and delete.php in the v4.0 source directory. Can events be manually edited or deleted in v4.0 by a user?   

Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2023-12-7
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