Event Manager v3.0

Release Notes

  • added: direct unsubscribe link in notifications
  • added: always show attendees if you can edit the event
  • added: tabbed edit form
  • added: registration date to export of attendees
  • added: events widget now has option to filter by group
  • changed: updated for Elgg 1.9
  • changed: updated to latest addthisevent library
  • changed: consolidated export attendees actions/functions
  • changed: replaced generateRegistrationForm function with form view
  • changed: custom tools dropdown actions are moved to better/standard locations
  • fixed: group tool option respects plugin settings
  • fixed: friends events only checked for 10 friends
  • fixed: added slashes to csv export
  • fixed: only show user hover actions if event->canEdit()
  • fixed: incorrect breadcrumb on participation page
  • fixed: #46 profile widget should show events for owner instead of viewer
  • fixed: location click not working with special chars
  • fixed: route click not working with special chars
  • fixed: #34 only show rsvp button if there are options
  • removed: unused icons
  • removed: support for importing Event Calendar Events
  • Hi Dan,

    I re-uploaded the plugin and it has cleared... my bad!

    Cheers for the help :-)

  • Hey Mark,

    Glad you got it resolved and that I was able to be of some assistance.

  • Hi,

    How can I check if current time is less than end event time? I tried this 

    $today = date('Y-m-d H:i');
    $end= date(EVENT_MANAGER_FORMAT_DATE_EVENTDAY, $event->end_ts) . " " . date('H', $event->end_ts) . ':' . date('i', $event->end_ts);
    $today_dt = strtotime($today)

    $end_dt = strtotime($end);

    if ($today_dt < $end_dt) { ... }

    But I never get today_dt less than end_dt even if it is! Can you help me? Thanks

  • What its the different between event Manager and event manger master? and them How can I Create events with defaults programs? thanksss 

  • Hi Workinflow,  the master file is from Github and you have to rename the downloaded plugin before putting it into your site mod folder by removing the "master" suffix.

  • thanks Mark, but any difference?.... 

  • If you check the master on github you will notice some of the files have been updated in the last couple of months or the last 11 days but the download here was updated in Nov 2014.

    On occasion due to their busy schedules and workload the plugin developer may not have had an opportunity to update the download here but the master version on github is the one that has been updated.

  • Sorry, I'm having the problem with elgg_get_entities_from_location() too, from lines 124 and 127 in /event_manager/lib/functions.php .  I'm running Elgg 1.10.5, and I downloaded the plugin from Github on 4/29/2015.  Looking at elgg_get_entities_from_location() in /engine/lib/deprecated-1.9.php, I don't see how I could ever not get the error:

    function elgg_get_entities_from_location(array $options = array()) {
        elgg_deprecated_notice(__FUNCTION__ . ' is deprecated. See geolocation plugin on github', 1.9);

    Looking at the geolocation plugin on Github, there's no plugin - only a readme file.


  • From Cash Costello:

    The geolocation code in Elgg is extremely inefficient. The plan was to replace it with a plugin with more efficient indexes, but it looks like it never got past the initial commit.

    The deprecation message is harmless. It lets administrators know that the geolocation code will be removed from Elgg in the future (maybe Elgg 2.0?). Normal users do not see the message.

  • Hi everyone,

    I just installed Event Manager v3.0 on Elgg 1.11 (LAMP stack on Ubuntu 14.04 localhost). When I create an event (or edit my created event) and try to Save it, the page hangs with the URL http://localhost/elgg/action/event_manager/event/edit.

    But the event actually gets created (and Edit changes saved) and listed. Just that on saving it doesn't move to http://localhost/elgg/events/event/view/48/my-event-name. This was working fine on Elgg v1.9.

    Any pointers on resolving this is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  • @Jeroen, Was that bug discovered after 1.11.1 was released?

  • @michele disabling registration is a way to (temporarily) end the ability to register. Maybe there is no end date for registration, but you still want to disallow the ability to register, then you check "disable registration". Or if you just want to announce an event (without the RSVP options), you could also use this checkmark.

    @michele the bug you mention has been copied to github. https://github.com/ColdTrick/event_manager/issues/72

  • Hey all! I don't see any event icons: when I upload them, they appear as broken images in both the river and on the event page. When I checked the console, I saw this:

    GET http://localhost/mod/event_manager/pages/event/thumbnail.php?icontime=1439501245&guid=38&event_guid=704&size=small 500 (Internal Server Error)

    After some sleuthing, I discovered that on line 63 of event_manager/pages/event/thumbnail.php you have this:

    $locator = new Elgg_EntityDirLocator($guid);

    Instead, you need to have the following:

    $locator = new \Elgg\EntityDirLocator($guid);

    I hope that helps anyone else encountering this issue!

    (And, incidentally, thanks for the great plugin!)

  • My use case requires custom Event icons on various screens (e.g., the river). This isn't currently possible with Events as they don't trigger the icon plugin hook. While I can edit the plugin for my use, might it be possible in future versions to replace the 'elgg_normalize_url' line in Event->getIconURL() with something like the following?

    $default_image = elgg_normalize_url("mod/event_manager/pages/event/thumbnail.php?icontime=" . $icontime . "&guid=" . $this->getOwnerGUID() . "&event_guid=" . $this->getGUID() . "&size=" . $size);
    $params = array(
        'entity' => get_entity($this->getGUID()),
        'size' => $size,
        <other parameters...>
    return elgg_trigger_plugin_hook('entity:icon:url', 'all', $params, $default_image);
  • Hello Jeroen,

    I'm planning to upgrate elgg to version 1.11 what about your event manager ?
    Is working or I need to say good bye to your fandastic plugin ?


  • Hello Jeroen,

    I'm running Event Manager 3.0 on 1.11.1 and assume it will continue to work fine if I upgrade to 1.12.2?

    I was wondering if you will be continuing to update it will the impending release of 2.0?


  • @ivanoman and @dan the plugin should just be working fine on the newer versions of Elgg. The plugin will also be upgrade for 2.0 but i do not have a timeline for that.

  • I noticed if I search just for the city location the event isn't found. Since my community is for Canada it would be nice to be able to search for events by location. Chances are people will be searching for events in their local city and won't be interested in events 2000 miles away.

    Notice here there is an event for London with London in the location, it is also in the description, http://everythingforseniorsdirectory.ca/community/events

    A search for London doesn't find the event. In the advanced search it isn't found either.

    If events are only local it isn't a big deal but for any communities that aren't local then the location of events is very relevant.


  • @Dan thanks for noticing. We already have that wish a long time on our todolist https://github.com/ColdTrick/event_manager/issues/29

  • @Jeroen, I'm sure you are quite busy with the impending release of elgg 2.0, any idea when the search would include the location? Perhaps when it is updated for elgg 2.0?

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