Event Manager v2.7.1

Release Notes

  • fixed: using incorrect end ts for determining end date/time of event for addthisevent script
  • fixed: using date_add (a php 5.3 function) breaks usage for 5.2
  • @al-ayam there is no real approval proces for attending events at this moment. You can be creative by creating an event without any seats left and forcing everyone to the waiting list. As an event owner you can then manually move them to the attendee list. Maybe you should describe this proces in the event details.

  • @michele if the event tools menu there already is an option to add files to an event

  • @jeroen: we're using elgg 1.8.16 and your event manager plugin in the latest version 2.7.1. and everything is working fine except the "on the map" feature. This centers the map on the correct, predefined position but it doesnt't include the markers of the upcoming events. I remember this working in further versions ... will an update of elgg fix this issue or are there different causes for this disfunctionality? maybe the google API key or something different.

    Thanks for your Response - we're currently working on a german translation of this great plugin.

    keep up the good work

  • Anybody know how to set upa predifined registration form with certain fields for all the events instead of this custom registration for for each events.. If any body have an idea, please share,,becoz this is very urgent for me..

  • @al-ayam your wish is currently not possible

  • @Jeroen, is there any way to solve this problem.. if its possible by hardcoding some code in the plugin, i am also ready for that.. i was stuck in the development of my site.

  • @al-ayam anything can be coded; maybe you could generate the form questions when an event is being created by listening to the ["create", "object"] event.

  • @michele i agree that it not is the location people look for first. We will reconsider this in a newer version.

  • can anybody give any suggestion for how to create the registration form on event creation time?

  • Hi everybody... I have a problem. When i set the start and end time, and finally save the event, this never appears cuz it changes the date to the year 1999. Anybody know what can i do??? Thanks in advance!

  • Great PlugIn; I noticed that eveytime you refresh/click on the main "events"  tab, all the page blicks white. Moreover the subtab map view lose the flags for the listed events if you move from list->on the map->list->on the map. I would like also to modify your plug-in trying to add "price for the event" and search based on price and location, as well as bringing "icon picture" , "price" on the list view tab. Any suggestion?

  • Hi Jeroen, I do appreciate your great plugin. but I just have 2 problems for this. The first, same as Marco, subtab map view loses the flags. I do need the answer for that. 2nd is about the pop up window for calender registering the event.

    I only can see 6.5days/week. Tiny problem, but I beg your help. Thank you.

  • Hi Jeroen... I have a problem. When i set the start and end time, and finally save the event, this never appears cuz it changes the date to the year 1999. Anybody know what can i do??? Thanks in advance!

  • Great plugin, everything works fine :) Oh, the location is also added as a tag. Is this the desired behaviour? Now in tagclouds you get the location of events, I think this shouldn't be in it!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your very good plugin. There is any option to show the event in a month calendar view ?


  • Hmm, could somebody please point me in the right direction? I'm trying to find in the code where it says to put the location as a tag (the location appears in my site wide tag-cloud, my wish is to let it be removed).

    I've been looking for a while now, but without succes...

  • @Edease, you should be looking for elgg_register_tag_metadata_name('location');

  • @Ismayil Kharedinov  I'm unable to find that. I've scanned the plugin folder and nowhere is 'elgg_register_tag_metadata' to be found. Thanks for your reply though.

  • thanks for this great plugin @Jeroen... working perfectly! just a slight issue as with others, the icons show nicely on the map when you click "On the Map" tab but when you navigate away from the tab and click back, the flags disappear... workaround so far is refreshing the page... any fix on this?

  • I have a strange problem with the events manager, after adding an event if I go back to that event and edit and save it the events dates automaticley change to 3.5 years into the future. Very strange indeed. I have the events manager runing on a diffrent site without any problems.

    Any ideas to what could be causing this?



  • Some have German Translation?

  • I wonder if someone can fix the Site notification. When enabled both Site and Email notification, the From field appears like this:



  • I haven't been able to find a way of producing recurring events from the form (but, if I've been really stupid and missed something, please forgive me and point me in the right direction!).

    I am aware that adding a recurring event functionality is quite a bit of work.  But, as a possibly simpler solution, is there mileage in adding a button / menu option on the event like 'Duplicate Event' that uses all the information in the current event to produce a new form readily filled in with information ready to fill in the new date/time?  This would save a huge amount of work in copying sometimes long event details each time a repeat event is needed, but is relatively simple to code compared to recurring events.

    Just a suggestion for the next release!

    Thanks for a superb event plugin ... Here's hoping it will be adopted in the core!

  • How can I trigger an "event_calender" import manually?

  • @krischan from the plugin settings page. If there is no option, there probably are no events to import

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