Event Manager v2.7.1

Release Notes

  • fixed: using incorrect end ts for determining end date/time of event for addthisevent script
  • fixed: using date_add (a php 5.3 function) breaks usage for 5.2
  • Quick question: How can I remove "refreshing events" that appears above the map? I've removed it from the event_manager\views\default\event_manager\css\site.php but a notice still appears above the map and keeps moving the map up and down while it refreshes.

  • Why the location is Chinese? Can I change it to English?

  • @michalis the map should not jump up and down. Do you use a special template? Or default? Which browser are you experiencing this issue in?

    @tina what location do you mean? If it is the default location of the maps view, you can change that in the settings of the plugin.

  • @ jeroen

    The problem occures on IE, Safari, Chrome and Opera but not in Firefox and it is not caused by the theme I use. The easiest for me would be just to delete the appearing notice but, as I described above, I just can't seem to find how to completely remove it.

  • Great work Jeroen, consider it as an idea or a request, but the only thing I'm missing is the way to have a private event but to invite certain users to it so that only invited users can see it.

    Non the less, thank you

  • when i input the address is newyork, and publish it , i find the address is the chinese.

  • i send a mail to u , add the screenshot.

  • Who can give me  help at location , I want to  English .

  • At the map? Are you located in China? If that's the case, then google is probably showing you the info in Chinese because it thinks you want to see it in Chinese, since you are Chinese.  Correct me if I'm wrong

  • yes , my location is china , but my server is not in china, and my website is english. when i choose the location , and publish a events , the location always be chinese,  i need the location is english , as u know , my website is english , i hope user can read it.

  • and if it can't be fixed , can i cacelled the map  for my events always online .

  • How can sameday events be created instead of having to fillup 2 dates?

    How can the submission form be minimized/customized - any tutorial or admin interface?

  • Great plugin, thank you! I wonder how I can customize the form I have to fill out, when creating a new event. e.g.: I would like to put a google route in there just by pasting it in a field. If the event is created the attendees can hit a link and see how to get to the event from the nearest airport or something. Can someone help me with that, please?

  • @hanzolo that is already possible. The address field is a location field that will show as clickable. Once clicked it will show a google maps popup with routing options.

  • @kanha the end date is not required, so you can leave it blank.

  • Thanks Jeroen, my fault. Didn't recognize that I can use it for routes as well

  • Great work @jeroen , but I modified the google maps zoom in plugin settings and now the event manager settings has a blank screen, the rest work well

  • @joaquin i can not reproduce this problem. Could you turn on display_errors in your htaccess file so maybe you get some feedback on why you get a blank screen?

  • I am trying to use this with the event_calendar the same time, as it provides for nicer official event scheduling and so on. Obviously this can be a bit confusing to users to have two somewhat similar functions that do not interoperate.

    I have seen the migrate function in the settings, but could there also be an option to let users add an "event_manager" event to their "event_calender" calender, and maybe an option to "migrate" only specific events from the "event_calender" to the "event manager"?

    In general they seem to coexists fine btw.

  • How would we upgrade the event manager plugin without losing data such as attendees and such from current events?

  • Why would you lose that data? AFAIK it is all stored in the database and the upgraded event_manager plugin should just display it again.

  • @Jeroen, when I create an event that includes more than one day, in the group widget the event dissapear after the first day because the widget reference date is the start date so, what code can I modify for change the start date by the end date, to show the event in the widget group along all the days the event is active. Thanks

  • Other issue I´ve in the group widget is when I click in the event location link, the map is not loaded. 

  • In event_manager I set the option for registration required for attending the events. Actually my requirement is , once a user registered for an event, first it will send for the administrator for approval, then only it will list on the section attendies. How can I do that.. please give your valuable suggestions...

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