Event Manager v2.5.1

Release Notes

2.5.1 (2013-03-25):

  • fixed: issue with simplecache googlemaps js

2.5 (2013-03-21):

  • added: event tags in full view strapline
  • added: twitter search feed in sidebar based on twitter hash
  • added: use of elgg entity menu
  • added: attendee count to entity menu
  • added: attendee search/filter for event owners
  • added: unsubscribe option for logged out users (without an account)
  • added: elgg_view_entity_icon("date") shows calendar representation of event date
  • added: event slot sets (user can only attend 1 slot per set)
  • added: 'thanks for registering' page with optional thank you text
  • changed: twitter hash is clickable
  • changed: event full view now uses content layout
  • changed: attendees + interested + waitinglist shown as list on event page, organizers, presenters and exhibitors moved to sidebar
  • changed: position of register for event button for logged out users
  • removed: herobrine
  • fixed: logged out users can register full slot with no available seats
  • fixed: duplicate registration for same emailaddress

2.4 (2013-03-11):

  • added: export waitinglist
  • changed: make use of elgg metadatacaching instead of own mechanisme
  • removed: some deprecated code
  • fixed: bug in expanding max attendees
  • fixed: wrong image url in attendee listing
  • @jeroen_wiggers thanks for reporting. For some reason, events were never notification objects and thus notifications were sent. I have fixed this already in the github version. https://github.com/ColdTrick/event_manager

  • Hi Jeron,

    Great plug-in just what I need for my site develpoment.Two questions

    1-Do I need widget manager plugin? all seems to be working ok

    2-How do i mod the code for RSVP , to either edit one of the tiles 'example interested' or to add another,which would be helpful for event builds -by adding Contractor to the RSVP list, is this easy to do , i've tried moding the code

    function event_manager_event_get_relationship_options()    {
            $result = array(


    Did not work ?



    TypeNameExpected ValueActual valueComment
    Requires Elgg version >= 1.8.9 1.8.16 ok
    Requires PHP extension: json     ok
    Suggests Plugin: widget_manager any -- missing
    Provides Plugin: event_manager 2.5.1 -- ok
  • Hi Jeroen,

    I thanked you before for the plugin, and here I thank you again! :)

    I want to report a bug in your widget: if I login and go to my page, I see the events I created. If I stay logged in and go to my friend's page, I still see my events (not her/his events)! This is due to your search function which only accounts for the current logged in user.

    I have a version of event manager that fixed that bug. I also have a couple of your "to do"s implemented in my version. I can send you my code so you can integrate it (fully or partly) into yours. Let me know if that works for you.



  • Dear Hadi,

    the easiest way to contribute your changes to the Event Manager will be to submit Pull Requests against the plugin on github. http://github.com/coldtrick/event_manager

    Make sure to make seperate PR's for each change/fix/todo

  • Hi Jeroen,

    I'll do, as soon as I get some free time!

  • Hey Jaroen, Awesome plugin, Gratz!, I want to ask you something, I created a plugin and registered it so it can be configured with default widgets, however, the event manager widget does not appear on the list of widgets i can add to it. Is there a requirement for allowing it to appear?, Thanks! 

    God Bless Us All!


  • love the plugin works how I need it to, just need to work it into my theme and then its compleate :) Recomended.



  • @mike no, they should be available. If you can add them as a user, they should also be configurable as a default widget

  • Event Icon is not showing in full view of event.. if we click on the brocken image its shows a fatal errror as follows

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare event_manager_event_get_relationship_options() (previously declared in /home/asdf/public_html/mod/event_manager/lib/functions.php:5) in/home/asdf/public_html/mod/event_manager/lib/functions.php on line 14

  • When I start the evet creation process, the access level is set to 'private' by default. Every time I need to change it. How can I change the default to some other value?

  • Great plugin! Does anyone know how to get events created in Event Manager to display via either RiverAddon or 3ColumnRiver? I'd like to be able to display upcoming events to users when the log on.

  • @jdalsem How do i change the time format of events????

  • @LT only way is by changing the define in start.php (EVENT_MANAGER_FORMAT_DATE_EVENTDAY)

  • Event icon which are upload while creating a new event is not visible in event full view.. How to fix that?

  • @jdalsem No the date format is good I'm talking about the time "start time" in the event it shows a 24hr time format instead of the AM -PM format!

  • @LT currently there is no generic format for it, so you will have to look it up in the code. Look in views/default/event_manager/event/view.php on line 35. There you will find the date formatting... i will add a more centralized way for time format/representation to the issue list. (https://github.com/ColdTrick/event_manager/issues/23)

  • @jdalsem OK was messing with coding managed to get the format but no matter what you put it stays at 5:00PM ?????

    Whats your email so I can send you the .zip plugin for you to look over and see where i went wrong on coding!

  • @jdalsem sent zip file to your profile listed email!!!

  • By the way changed the views/default/event_manager/event/view.php on line 35!


      $event_details .= '<tr><td><label>' . elgg_echo('event_manager:edit:form:start_time') . ':</label></td><td>' . date('H', $event->start_time) . ':' . date('i', $event->start_time) . '</td></tr>';

    FOR THIS-----------

    $event_details .= '<tr><td><label>' . elgg_echo('event_manager:edit:form:start_time') . ':</label></td><td>' . date('h:i A', $event->start_time) . '</td></tr>';

    This is all of line 35!  It takes what input thats placed in 24hr format and displays in 12hr format!

  • Really good plug in - I'll start criticising it soon :-)

    I do agree with the above - I'd like to be able to add an event on the first Wednesday of the month ...

  • @jeroen some of the functions don't appear on like registration for the event what is the problem?

  • @buule could you be a bit more specific?

  • Oustanding plugin thus far! No real issues except on the Google API side of things, ended-up leaving the API filed blank and seem to work with no errors. Nice job!

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