Event Manager v2.2

Release Notes

2.2 (2012-05-02):

  • added: a direct add link to events widget
  • added: widget title link (requires widget manager)
  • changed: handling of RSVP notifications
  • changed: reduced the event info in the widgets
  • changed: updated translations
  • fixed: event_type and region search now working
  • fixed: widget showing for groups that have events disabled
  • fixed: correct group link in widget listing
  • fixed: imported event_calendar events are now anti dated
  • fixed: limiting events by container guid, so group events work again
  • fixed: list order of events and some search logic improvements
  • fixed: event type and region search
  • fixed: export of attendees not exporting non-logged in registrations

2.1 (2012-04-13):

  • added: when increasing the available slots, user on the waiting list will auto join
  • changed: showing waitinglist in event full view to event owners
  • changed: short description no longer required
  • changed: now using Google Maps API v3
  • changed: group listing now has group gatekeeper
  • fixed: several widget bugs
  • fixed: export of attendees
  • fixed: unable to kick a user, leave an event
  • fixed: list not handling no events correctly
  • fixed: correct listing of migratable event calendar events
  • fixed: potential error in Event->generateAttendee()
  • fixed: error in listing which disabled searching
  • fixed: error in search procedure
  • fixed: event fill from waiting list not correctly handling unlimited slots
  • fixed: better check for Open Registration


  • @ jeroen dalsem Ya its working fine now.... Thanks for the fix..

  • Hi Jeroen,

    Very usefull plugin. I would be really happy if the calender would integrate and sync with Google Calendar. Then people kan see events in Elgg and sync with them with their other tools like for example smartphone.

    A repeating event would be also very nice.

    Keep up the good work

  • OMG! What plugin! When I put the $ simbol before i_e_b's date.php, all of my problems have dissapeared!

    Sorry if my english doesn't good, but my natural languages are Euskera and Spanish, and.... Tachan tachan! 

    I've do the translations of event manager 2.3 for both!  

    If you want... XD

  • Hi Jereon,

    I've got a issue, when a user attendees to en event, a confirmation emial is sent to his message box. In the message box of the user, the sender name is "messages/compose?send_to=1149". Do you know how to fix that.

    Many thanks for your help


Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


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  • Updated: 2022-8-24
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