Event Manager v2.2

Release Notes

2.2 (2012-05-02):

  • added: a direct add link to events widget
  • added: widget title link (requires widget manager)
  • changed: handling of RSVP notifications
  • changed: reduced the event info in the widgets
  • changed: updated translations
  • fixed: event_type and region search now working
  • fixed: widget showing for groups that have events disabled
  • fixed: correct group link in widget listing
  • fixed: imported event_calendar events are now anti dated
  • fixed: limiting events by container guid, so group events work again
  • fixed: list order of events and some search logic improvements
  • fixed: event type and region search
  • fixed: export of attendees not exporting non-logged in registrations

2.1 (2012-04-13):

  • added: when increasing the available slots, user on the waiting list will auto join
  • changed: showing waitinglist in event full view to event owners
  • changed: short description no longer required
  • changed: now using Google Maps API v3
  • changed: group listing now has group gatekeeper
  • fixed: several widget bugs
  • fixed: export of attendees
  • fixed: unable to kick a user, leave an event
  • fixed: list not handling no events correctly
  • fixed: correct listing of migratable event calendar events
  • fixed: potential error in Event->generateAttendee()
  • fixed: error in listing which disabled searching
  • fixed: error in search procedure
  • fixed: event fill from waiting list not correctly handling unlimited slots
  • fixed: better check for Open Registration


  • Just tested it. Great job!

    No conflicts here! Using hypeFramework with hypeGallery, Tidypics, custom theme with custom views.

  • Jeroen, this is so great! Was really looking forward to this.. But I have some problems:

    • my events are not saved correctly. The fields from Start time and down, are not fetched from the database.
    • Even though it does not view the attendees (I have marked it), I am able to export the attendee list with names and all.
    • The events still are not appearing on the map (also had this problem with previous version)

    Sorry to have to report these bugs. Just so great a plugin you made here..!

  • @TheMuller these problem do not occur on my setup. Could you try to troubleshoot some more? If possible please report the steps to reproduce the problem.

  • Ah found out. I have upgraded til 1.8.4..

    Tried to look at one of my other installations in 1.8.3. And one difference: After the start date, there is put in a start time. This new time is the problem (upgraded also this 1.8.3 installation, and same problem. Where the start time comes from, I don't know yet. But will try to find out tomorrow or so.. Maybe you know it Jeroen?

  • Jeroen, really good plugin, thanks!

    Just testing Event Manager for the first time, using Elgg 1.8.3.

    I got an  SQL fatal error when accessing the admin backend, after installation. The front end works fine. so far

    Fatal Error.

    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND md.value_id = 4) AND ((e.type = 'object' AND e.subtype IN (26))) AND (e.si' at line 5

    SELECT 1 FROM elgg_metadata md
    WHERE md.entity_guid = e.guid
    AND md.name_id =
    AND md.value_id = 4) AND ((e.type = 'object' AND e.subtype IN (26))) AND (e.site_guid IN (1)) AND ( (1 = 1) and e.enabled='yes') ORDER BY e.time_created desc

    In functions.php line 389:

    I replaced:

    $migrated_id = get_metastring_id("migrated");


    $migrated_id = get_metastring_id($old_event);


    $migrated_id = get_metastring_id(1);

    That seemed to sort it out..

  • @Rip i've confirmed the bug. A fix is available in the GitHub version. I will release a patched version here also.

    @TheMuller unfortunately i still can't reproduce it. I have no problem whatsoever with saving and presenting the events. Also the map works without any problem. Did you do a clean install of the event manager? Or did you copy over an existing installation?

  • @TheMuller i have found the issue. It is indeed related to 1.8.4 where there is a different mechanisme for loading objects from the database. If you have custom entity classes (like in the event manager) you could run into problems. I will release a new version with this fixed soon, otherwise grab the latest from git.


    I Made a fresh install of Event Manager 2.2 (f5cbd6a from Github)

    I'm testing with Firefox 11 Linux and Firefox (Windows 7 and Linux), Chrom 18 (Linux) Opera 11 (Linux) and Elgg 1.8.3

    I created a set of different varieties of test events, some with all information and some with minimum.

    Tested both as admin and user with no admin rights.

    The SQL fatal error has gone.

    1. Opposite zoom
    The Google map settings in Admin. "Enter a default google maps zoom level (0 = zoomed in, 19 = zoomed out)" is actually the opposite. A higher selected number zooms in.

    2. Incorrect or no map markers
    In the All events/Search events screen, the Google map that appears on the "On the map" tab has no map markers in Firefox, nothing at all. Additionally, the message "refreshing events" appears to the top right of the map, and remains permanently, though no network or browser activity.

    In Opera and Chrome, the map markers do appear, but they are Google map defaults, not the images shown in the key beneath. "refreshing events" appears briefly and then disappears.

    3. Icons
    During creation of an event, an icon was selected, tried jpg and png, of different sizes. The events saved with a success message.

    An icon is expected to be seen at the right end of the underline on the Event screen, and after clicking the map marker on the "On the map" tab.

    In Firefox, as the map marker doesn't appear, there is nothing to select on the map. On the individual Event page, at the right end of the underline is a (20x20px) white, non-selectable box, aligned on top of the line. No image. Page source shows:

    <div class="event_manager_event_view_image"><a href="http://domain.com/mod/event_manager/icondirect.php?lastcache=1336383455&joindate=1336383454&guid=389&size=master" target="_blank"><img src="http://domain.com/mod/event_manager/icondirect.php?lastcache=1336383455&joindate=1336383454&guid=389&size=medium" border="0" /></a></div>

    In Chrome, the missing image icon appears when clicking the map markers. On the individual Event page, at the right end of the underline, a (40x45px) white, selectable box appears, with the missing image icon. The line is aligned with the vertical centre of the box. Selection of the box results in a server error in a separate browser tab:

    The website encountered an error while retrieving http://domain.com/mod/event_manager/icondirect.php?lastcache=1336383455&joindate=1336383454&guid=389&size=master. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.
    HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfil the request.

    In Opera the results are identical to Chrome, except the box is 60x40px, and selecting the box causes a separate, blank browser tab, with no message.


  • Well, lanuage isn't really an issue or an excuse anymore. If you want these things done, you will find a way.

    You can paste the whole page into Google translate or any of the other many translation sites  out there. Google hasn't changed the system, you can still get an API key, and, if you read "a lot of text" it will explain how to do it.

    You need to have a Google account, and follow these simple instructions, which are on that page:

    To create your API key:

    • Visit the APIs Console at https://code.google.com/apis/console and log in with your Google Account.
    • Click the Services link from the left-hand menu.
    • Activate the Google Maps API v3 service.
    • Click the API Access link from the left-hand menu. Your API key is available from the API Access page, in the Simple API Access section. Maps API applications use the Key for browser apps.

    Which comes straight from the translator as:

    • Visita la consola de API en el https://code.google.com/apis/console e iniciar sesión con tu cuenta de Google.
    • Haga clic en el enlace de Servicios en el menú de la izquierda.
    • Activar el servicio de Google Maps API v3.
    • Haga clic en el enlace de acceso a la API desde el menú de la izquierda. La clave de API está disponible en la página de acceso a la API, en la sección de Acceso a la API simple. Mapas de las aplicaciones de la API de utilizar la clave para las aplicaciones de navegador.



  • For all who concerns: the API key is NOT required. Only if you want stats on your api usage, or if you have a paid API account the key is needed.

  • Another very useful plugin from Coldtrick!

    On the other hand: if I weren't just playing around with this great toy of mine, Elgg, but instead use it in a real project, I would need the following additional functionality:

    - Admin option to specify whether each event needs to be approved by admin before the event becomes visible to the users.

    - Admin option to display the image as thumbnail next to each event on the list of events.

    - User to be able filter events by region and type -those two criteria specified in the admin settings- (by selecting from list?).

    And If I were you, I would add this or similar functionality and sell it as a premium product (at a very reasonable price) on top of this basic free one (or is it a sin to make money on elgg? - I am an outsider).



  • Great! I like the plugin and I am translating it to pt_BR.

    I am trying github version ColdTrick-event_manager-f3021af and elgg 1.8.5

    I noticed:

    - plugin config page disappear : https://elgg/admin/plugin_settings/event_manager

    - Icons do not appear (as user Rip report)

  • Duh! I misspelled the plugin directory name. I just renamed to event_manager and it worked (icons en config page ok)

  • Hi, I'm new to Elgg so this is my first post. I've used Drupal for some time but I have a requirement where Elgg is more suited than Drupal although it takes a while to changed hats.

    I am testing Event Manager ... it wasn't working correctly so I downloaded the new patched version today. There are still a few errors which are mainly due to the fact that I have installed Elgg in a subdirectory. For example, the tools >> edit and update links do not include the subdirectory name, but the delete and export links do. The link to icondirect.php still is broken (although it references the subdirectory), and the link to the location does not include the subdirectory.

    Other than these minor glitches the plugin looks good.

  • @patricia the github version now should have been fixed to support subfolder installation. I can't reproduce the icondirect issue but maybe it was also related to the subfolder install.

  • @Jeroen, Thanks, the tools are now accessing the right code. But the icondirect.php link is still broken.

    Another question (which may be misdirected if this is a general core code issue): Is there any way to use the 12 hour clock? It appears that your mod only uses the 24 hour clock.

  • @Jeroen

    When I click on the icondirect image I get the following:



    The document has moved here.


    I also note that in icondirect.php and icon.php there is a reference to "/engine/start.php". Is this correct? 

  • Another question: Is there any way to automatically zoom in on an area for the location. In particular I live in Canada and would like to be able to zoom to the area where the location is.

  • @Jeroen: The problem with icondirect disappeared after I added an picture to the event. However, it did not happen immediately. There was a delay. But even if that is the case, there shouldn't be a broken image if one does not upload an image although I like the idea that I can.

  • I can not to put nothing in location!! What happens??

  • if i add this plugin in 1.7 version, will this feature worksout well?

  • Great work, except some problems.

    In 1.8.6, you can assign title, short description, tags, description, date and rsvp options but nothing else. The other inputs are not saved - including Maps.

  • metadata detailed fields do not seem to get fetched back when editing. i coded a entity metedata fetch
        $Metas=elgg_get_metadata(array("guid" => $vars['entity']->guid, "limit" => false));
                //if(!in_array($field, array("guid", "location", "latitude", "longitude"))){//:DC:
                if(!in_array($field, array("guid"))){
                    //$fields[$field] = $event->$field;//:DC:
                    $fields[$field] = $MetaV[$field];//:DC:
    to get all the in @edit-time.
    event display - shows so-o-o few of the large number of of fields!;).
    locations like to become pull-down items;-) why??

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