Event Manager v2.0.2

Release Notes

2.0.2 (2011-12-6):

  • fixed event search
  • fixed js bugs

2.0.1 (2011-11-01):

  • fixed: layout of event details table in Opera
  • fixed: positioning of tools and rsvp menu in browser that use top as a reserved word in javascript
  • fixed: event manager group module
  • fixed: event_waitinglist relationship will not be posted to the wire

2.0 beta (2011-10-28):

  • changed: plugin now Elgg 1.8 compatible
  • removed: captcha support
  • Nudeler2

    File: event_manager/lib/functions.php

    function event_manager_get_registration_fiedtypes()

    = fieldtypes ?

  • Nudeler2


    Hi All,

    I'm very new to Elgg and PHP but I succeeded in setting up an Elgg environment with event manager 2.0.2. The problem now is that I need to setup a german installation and event manager seems not to be available in german. Translation is not really a problem but how can I change the date format and how can I set Monday as first day of week when the calendar is shown for entering the start date. How can I add an end date for an event?

    Thanks, Oli

    I would like to know that, too...

  • Hello,

    Everythin is working fine except one thing.

    I see the button to create an event but I cannot see the event in the group main page, I see bog, file etc.
    How can I activate it ?




  • Hello,

    When I click the tab "On the map" the map displayed is not that of my area so, where I can define my area of the map by default?

    Thank you.

  • Hey,

    i wrote a german translation:



    Habe das Plugin übersetzt. einfach den Code kopieren, eine neue datei de.php in /languages erstellen und dort einfügen. Die Übersetzung ist an einigen stellen ein bisschen "schwierig", könnt ihr ja dann anpassen :)

  • Great plugin, although picture thumbnails and privacy arent great


  • This installed and works fantastic with one exception. The maps (google api) are working in the actual event listings but not when you are on the event page and click on "on the map" tab. It is defaulted to denmark and not showing event locations. Can someone advise?  Thank you for your help,

  • Grat plugin, works fine on 1.8.3.

    Google maps api v2 is deprecated. Would be very interesting upgrade api to version 3.

  • hi, thanks for the effort. I enabled this plugin, but does not let me view the map. Our site works with purity Them in elgg 1.8.3. Could desirme to do?
    Thank you.

    Google translator.
  • when you go to the event page, and click on map, it doesnt show any events on it.


    also where can I change the questions when making events (like the wording) and when you advance search.

  • Hi,

    don't know why, but I cannot see the "Map" page/tab for the event manager.. Why not?

    I have deactivated the plugin, deleted the folder ind mod, and uploaded+activated the 2.0.2 again. Even Flushed the catches. But still no luck..

    It's like it is an old version showing up..

  • Just installed the plug in and am very happy with it.  Works very well.

    I have 3 small issues.

    1. Clicking "on the map" does not show pins for events.

    2. I'm using the default theme for 1.83. On the right column with the heading "All Events" nothing is displayed. I've added two events but they don't show in this column.

    3. The events time parameter uses 24hr military time. I didn't see an option for 12hr time in settings.

    These are not huge issues but just thought you should know.

    Thanks again for the great plugin.

  • Just an update of my previous message.  I mistook "All Events" as a column heading when in fact its just a button.  So that one is cleared up for me.

  • Well got the Map to show now: changede event_manager_V2.0.2 to event_manager.

    Now I have the same problem as @MontanaMike. Everything else is working as should. Really, really great plugin..

  • When I try to use this plugin with tnymce I am not able to see the editor. Also the settings in the Administration menu does not pull dowm in Elgg 1.8. Is there a fix for this?

  • Good job. Thanks a lot. iCal export would be a great feature.

  • hye, thx for the plugin, but could you set up a plugin repository (github), then we could suggest code change easily, forked it, ...

  • Any body help me to get upcoming events in this plugin? I am using elgg 1.8 version, I need to display the upcoming events of group. Is availble any built in functions?  Thanks in advance

  • In the Group main page the event create link is visible also if I set-up Who can create group events  = GroupOwners. 

    I'm not exper but I add this : 

    if ((($who_create_group_events == 'group_admin') && $page_owner->canEdit()) || (($who_create_group_events == 'members') && $page_owner->isMember($user))) {
        $new_link = elgg_view('output/url', array(
            'href' => "/events/event/new/" . $group->getGUID(),
            'text' => elgg_echo('event_manager:menu:new_event'),

    Is workng but I'm not sure if I made the right things





  • Greetings

    Has anyone experienced the event manager widget showing the wrong date? We're not sure why, but the widget shows tomorrow's date for an event happening today. If you hover over the icon, the correct date is shown; same if you select the event. Using version 8.1.1. Any hints would be very very much appreciated...

    With thanks

  • Ignore my last; timezone error :(

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