Event Manager v0.3.1

Release Notes

0.3.1 (2011-07-22):

  • fixed
    • Events url fixed
    • When the geolocation can't lookup your location/country, the maps is showing the whole worldmap (a quick hot fix, a better one will be implemented later)
  • @Rick thanks for update

    who submit an event, it is showed always as Organizing, but in most cases, events are shared by users only to say that there is that event, but they are not organizers. Maybe a check to say are you organizer or owner of this event? ... can be good

    also categories can be usefull, to choose  events type: music,theater,party,conference


  • some conflict with other js with this new version...maybe this is plugin need jqueryNoConflict 

  • Hi.

    I have a problem. I create a new event. Then I want to open it, nothing happens. I click to the event, but that does not open. Why?

  • I'll share an issue I had that I orginally thought was a javascript conflict with this plugin, it turned out to be the template that was the culprit.

    One of the templates we use plays with layers, one of the page wrappers extended over the links for some of the Event Manager listings and sidebar links.  This prevented them from being 'clickable' as the wrapper masked the link, even though it was displayed.

    Run your template through firebug and see if you have a page fragment or a region overlapping the links your trying to click.

    @Rick - nice work, this continues to evolve nicely.

  • My community became very slow after installing this plugin. Is there a way to fix this slow down?

  • @Rick - recurring events as a possible feature? :)


  • @Leon Suijs maybe google map is the fault

  • But is there a way to speed it up?

  • @leon how many plugin do you have enabled?

  • I have around twenty plugins enabled i think, but without enabling this plugin Elgg is prety fast. After i enable event manager, Elgg becomes extremely slow. So slow that i cannot use it.

  • I've installed the plugin successfully but have noticed some issues with the maps. When creating an event and then a location, sometimes the modal doesn't load. When it does, only the zoom controls for the map show up even after entering an address. Once several events have been created and I click on the 'On the map' tab, the map centers around Texas (I'm based out of Barcelona and the event addresses were set in Barcelona). The event markers only show when I zoom out really far and then they appear below Antarctica off the map. 

    Has anyone else had similar issues or can point me in the right direction? Thanks

  • @Leon, we'll look into it.

    @lord55, @bpreston, we first want a fully stable release before we add any new features. But those kind of features will come in the future:-)

    @Paul-BCN, fixed in the next release.

  • Great! thanks for your response, Rick.

  • Hi Rick,

    Awesome plugin. A couple of remarks, if I may:

    To ensure universality and compatibility with other plugins, you might want to add/replace in views/default/event_manager/event/view.php:


    $comments = elgg_view_comments($event);

    //$comments = list_annotations($event->getGUID(),'generic_comment');

    //$comments .= elgg_view('comments/forms/edit',array('entity' => $event));


    $output .= elgg_view('categories/view', $vars);

  • @IH:

    Could you elabirate a little on the "universality and compatibilit" ?



  • As a plugin developer, I tend to make use of Elgg's API through introducing hooks and event_handlers. elgg_view_comments() is a standard API call to get comments. 

    I guess 'universality and compatibility' = 'consistency'. The above two are used widely throughout core code, and it would be good to have them within all written plugins. In case with event_manager, I had to make the hacks for it to work with other plugins I was using for the project.

  • Hi, I am running Elgg 1.7.11 and Event Manager 3.1.  Everything is working GREAT thanks for the excellent plugin!

    I have only one problem that I cannot solve on my own.  I've searched all the forums and Google and haven't seen anyone else with this same issue.  

    On the Events listing page near the bottom to the right of the Tools menu it lists how many are attending.  It is hyperlinked to /pg/event/attendees but brings up an Error 404 Page not Found for me.

    I've tried to find where this page should be to no avail.  Can anyone please help me?


  • Yep ;-( Looks like a "Bug" -- Seems page handler code has that whole piece missing ;-o i ain't holding my breath yet ;-P

  • Where do I find the page handler code?  I might take a stab at fixing it...  although I know next to NOTHING about this cms...  just switched over from e-107 and am kinda stumbling my way through elgg lol.  

  • A PlugIn usually defines it's Page Handler(s) in the start.php -- in this case that code is missing, so you'll not find the missing code ;-) The handlers for other stuff look like this :-
    function event_manager_event_page_handler($page)
    function event_manager_page_handler($page)

  • Oh I see!  Thank you for the information.  I am going to start delving into the developer documentation for elgg and learn the ins and outs but this gives me an edge into implementing at least a quick and dirty fix until that time ;)  Appreciate you taking the time to explain, thanks so much!

  • @ihayredinov

    If I recall correctly I did it that way because for some reason I couldn't get the comment form at the bottom of the comments. But when i use elgg_view_comments right now the form is at the bottom. So can't really remember why i did it the 'list_annotations' way... (anyways, it will be changed in the next version)


    That link is removed in the next version. It was a link to a page I removed because the attendees are already shown on the event page itself.


  • @Rick - Thanks!  I'm glad it's not something wrong with my installation.  Can't wait for the next release!  This plugin is amazing and just what I was looking for.  I agree with bpreston, a recurring event option would be nice.

    I am having a couple new issues.  

    One is that there is an option to enter an ending date for the event but there is no date picker.

    My second issue is not really an issue, but is there a way to format the date on the event page itself?  Right now it's in dd/mm/yy formate and I really need it to be in mm/dd/yy format.

    My last problem is if I choose "Registration needed to attend?" NO ONE can RSVP as Attending.  When they click Attending it takes them back to the dashboard and they are not signed up nor do they or I receive any notification.  Also the registration questions do not appear anywhere.

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