Event Manager v0.3

Release Notes

0.3 (2011-07-21):

  • added:
    • Waiting list per event. When an event is full, and the waiting list is enabled, people get the option to register to get on the waiting list. Waiting list is automatically updated if an attendee leaves the event.
    • Logged out people can now register for an event (if enabled).
    • Default RSS View
    • Admins can set an event to take over the website.
    • You can now export your registration to PDF
  • fixed:
    • Some minor bugs/updates
  • This plugin start to be very interesting with new functions, thanks! recommanded!

    i'm trying this new version in local host, some bug:

    after saving an object, action is following, index page, not pg/events

    when I click on Title event, link is http://localhost/pg/event/view, with not guid, so white page 


  • another function, can be to put share with friends, like in bookmarks. It can help to increse traffic on event and to do it in easy , faster way.

  • @Rick, I had a quick test, it looking even better, but I still have an issue with the geolocation... I'm centring on Arkansas now... am I doing something wrong?  I am not sure what "Take over the site" is as yet... but the RSS is most welcome :)  Keep up the excellent work!

  • @lord55 the link http://localhost/pg/event/view is the view link when you have "site takeover" enabled. If you turn that off, all the links will go back to normal.

    Site takeover is like a promoted event. The whole site will be just about this event.



    The geolocator is a bit sh*tty to work with. When the map is initialised, it needs a default location to center on. And it can't just get your location by IP. The location lookup "asks" an external database for a location linked to your IP range. If it doesn't have one yet, it should fall back to your country.

    I'm still working on it, so i hope i find a better solution soon.

  • Hi Rick, Ismayil had problems with geolocation in his Companies plugin, but came up with an input box if IP geolocation drew a blank - http://test17x.activityseeker.com/pg/companies/neighbourhood Perhaps this would be a useful solution?

  • Yeah, something like that could do the trick. I'll think about it, thnx!

  • @lord55

    You're right about the /pg/event/view link. Fixed it. (will upload the fix in a minute)

  • @Rick, I'll wait and retest the code fixes you upload.  I seem to have some sort of conflict with this version that I do not experience with 0.2 - none of my links go hot and I am unable to view existing events, thought he javascript tools seems to light and allow me to edit and such.

  • @bpreston

    The admin of the website can still view the whole website and edit events and such. Try logging in with a normal account and the site take over should work.

  • @Rick, Thanks, I'll get more serious with it tonight or tomorrow :)

  • @Rick - in my case, I have been modifying the template on the test system I've been using with your stuff as well.  I think we both introduced a class or a class override of the same name that does different things :) 

    I'll find it, my problem.  Rolled back to my old template version and the issue I was having went away.

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