Event Manager v0.2

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This release of the Event Manager is not suitable for production use.

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0.2 (2011-06-20):

  • added:
    • customizable registration form per event
    • registration to event (using the custom event registration form)
    • during registration you can now 'participate' on each activity slot (if daily program specified)
    • registration-notification mail now contains a link to the registration data of the attending person
  • changed:
    • activity slot, start/end time data type
  • fixed:
    • if ip-geolocation fails to get an exact lat/long location, the map centers on your country
    • IE z-index on dropdown menu's
    • IE Fancybox popup width
  • this can be a solution someone help me


    //$key = get_input('k');


    //$guid = get_input("guid");

    //$user_guid = get_input('u_g', get_loggedin_userid());

    $key = get_input('__elgg_token');

    $guid = get_input("guid");

    $user_guid = get_input('__elgg_ts', get_loggedin_userid());


    if($guid && ($entity = get_entity($guid)))


    if($entity instanceof Event)


    $event = $entity;






    $tempKey = md5($event->time_created.get_site_secret().$user_guid);

    if($event && ($tempKey == $key))


    echo elgg_view('page_elements/header');


    echo '<div style="width: 1000px; margin: 0 auto;">'.elgg_view_title('Your registration');



    echo $event->getRegistrationData($user_guid);




    echo $event->getProgramData($user_guid);



    echo elgg_view('page_elements/footer').'</div>';













    if($event->canEdit() || ($user_guid == get_loggedin_userid()))


    $title_text = elgg_echo('event_manager:registration:registrationto')."'".$event->title."'";


    $back_text = '<div class="event_manager_back"><a href="'.$event->getURL().'">'.elgg_echo('event_manager:title:backtoevent').'</a></div>';


    $title = elgg_view_title($title_text . $back_text);


    $output .= $event->getRegistrationData($user_guid);




    $output .= $event->getProgramData($user_guid);



    $output .= '<br /><a style="margin-left: 10px;" href="'.EVENT_MANAGER_BASEURL.'/event/register/'.$event->getGUID().'/event_attending">'.elgg_echo('event_manager:registration:edityourregistration').'</a>';


    $page_data = $title . $output;


    $body = elgg_view_layout("two_column_left_sidebar", "", $page_data);


    page_draw($title_text, $body);








    register_error("no guid");




  • Hi Rick,

    your plugin is very nice!

    I would like to add the list of events on the dashboard. I copy this on the index.php of riverdashboard :

    if (is_plugin_enabled('event_manager')) {
        $event = event_manager_get_events("all", 0, false);
        $area1 .= '<div class="sidebarBox">' . elgg_view('event_manager/event/view', array('entity' => $event)) . '</div>';

    but the function event_manager_get_events is not known. Any idea to extend the view to riverdashboard.



  • Just a suggestion to you Rick. Since it's just only the beginning of the developement of this plugin (version 0.2), why don't you merge it with the plugin Event Calendar which is already very popular with the Elgg community.

    You can keep the structure of the Event Calendar plugin, and add the functionnality of the Event Manager such as RSVP, Google maps and so on to it.

    This way, we could have the best of both worlds. We could keep the Event Calendar that we are already using for a long time with the functionnalities of the Event Manager added to it.



  • Personally, I would quite like to see some of the views offered in Invi's fork of Kevin's calendar plugin... the calender with drag and drop rescheduling is pretty cool as well is the week, month year views too.  But whatever path you are on is great by me as long as we can have an rss view :)

    ps. My geolocation is stil a bit iffy, it now centres on Berlin.

  • I have to chime in to say that blazing your own trail is the way to go.  I'm looking forward to a fresh approach to an old challenge. Your direction and inspiration is already looking good to me.  I'm exited to see what it ultimately becomes.

  • Hey Rick

    great plugin!! What is the perspective on a 1.8 version of this plugin?

  • Hi again Rick

    I made a modification of your plugin, so it now works in 1.8, it's definately not completely updated, but it looks functionally okay. You can get it at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22072064/event_manager1.8_Base0.2.rar
    I would be glad if you looked at it, really great plugin you've written. Code looks nice and all - appreciate it. 

  • Hi!

    Works this plugin on a 1.7.10 version of elgg?

  • @enadri

    If you have "Widget manager" installed, you can add the Event Manager's widget to your dashboard.

    @Minh Hung, @Mark Bridges

    We won't be merging both calenders. We wanted to have a fresh start, without thinking about other plugin's bugs.(Plus, you can migrate your Event calender items to the Event manager in the plugin settings.)

    We have thought about the month/week view and stuff, but nothing is decided yet. Maybe in the future.


    We haven't talked about it. So can't really answer yet.


    Yes it does, we are working/testing on 1.7.10 right now.

  • Thank you very much Rick for your answer.

    I've tested your plugin and it's really a great plugin that you have done. I also tried to import the events from Event calendar and it works perfectly. Now I'm considering to use Event manager instead of Event calendar for my website.

    I would like also to get some help from you. I use the piece of code below to display public events from Event calendar on my frontpage. I would like to know how to change it in order to display the public events from Event manager on my frontpage. Thank you very much for your help.

         * Elgg custom_dash_not_logged_in plugin
         * This plugin substitutes the frontpage with a custom one
     <div id="calendar">
     <h2>Upcoming events</h2>

                /* Upcoming Events*/
                    $num = 5;

    // Get the upcoming events
    $start_date = time(); // now
    $end_date = $start_date + 60*60*24*365*2; // maximum is two years from now
    $events = event_calendar_get_events_between($start_date,$end_date,false,$num,0,page_owner());

    // If there are any events to view, view them
    if (is_array($events) && sizeof($events) > 0) {

    echo '<div id="group_pages_widget">';
    // echo '<h2>'.elgg_echo("event_calendar:groupprofile").'</h2>';
    echo '<p><a href="'.$vars['url'].'pg/event_calendar/group/'.page_owner().'"></a></p>';

    foreach($events as $event) {
    echo elgg_view("object/event_calendar",array('entity' => $event));
    echo "</div>";

    <div class="clearfloat"/></div>
     <!-- end of upcoming events-->





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