Event Manager v0.1.3

Release Notes

This release of the Event Manager is not suitable for production use.

I'm very interested in your opinions, please leave them in the comments.

Found any bugs or missing features? Report it!


0.1.3 (2011-06-20):

  • fixed:
    • event search in groups
    • google maps key check (google maps functions disabled when no key is specified in the plugin settings)


The Google Maps API key messages are generated by Google. When you get those kind of messages make sure you register for the right domain. (Also works for localhost)

  • @Mark, Which release did you test? There was a JS error which disabled some JS plugin's. That should be fixed now. (just tested it, and menu builder worked fine)

    I will be working on the RSS view.

    The "Region" option was meant for geographic AND non-geographic regions.
    Like a site specific region list which people can pre-specify for their own region types. (per site)

    Because a region can be a province, state, county etc etc, it wouldn't be a valid search filter for the events.

  • Hi Rick, Alas, I am using 0.1.3 and I am still having a problem with the JS... if I put your plugin at the bottom of the stack, Plugin Manager does work, but the Map View fails as does the location picker in "add new event". 

    I never thought of non geographic Regions... interesting idea. 

    Implementing categories would be cool though (especially Ismayil's Edifice plugin as that allows group content to adopt the same category)

  • I've just run it through my battery of tests and am finding the same issue with adding events and google maps.

    I've moved it around the stack, retrieved a new google API key, just in case :), and also made certain to turn off all caching and compression mechanisms.

    On the bright side, the attending RSVP function now works like a charm! :)

  • As an additional test, I reverted to version 1.1 and the maps are back.

  • @Mark,@bpreston, thanks for your feedback, i'll be looking into it:-)

  • @Rick, your more than welcome, and thank you for the effort your putting into this!

  • @Rick, a pleasure... it is good to have another calendar here, especially with the RSVP, Maps and directions etc... ggreat work!

  • @Rick, my map always centres on Enschede, and I can not find where to make it centre on an area of the UK/ the UK.  If there is IP geolocation, it does not seem to be working, but I have reverted to the first release.

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