Event Manager v0.1.1

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This release of the Event Manager is not suitable for production use.

I'm very interested in your opinions, please leave them in the comments.

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0.1.1 (2011-06-17):

  •  fixed: fancybox include
  • not swure if it matters, but my site is version 1.7.10

  • When you register your website in google, are you registering your localhost adres or website URL? IFrom my experience, google maps won t work with instalations on localhost.

  • When i said buggy i really ment it, just search on this site how many problems are not resolved till now. It s not about beeing nice, it s about facts. Some developers don t update their modules until someone don t pay for it. I guess those basic modules like calendar should be a part of elgg core and mantained by elgg dev team.

  • @Martinez - I wasn't being too seriously harsh ;) I guess sometimes developers may not have the time to get to all the bugs in PlugIns.

    With this new Event Manager - looks like a pleasant change, the features look interesting, simple-like layout and I might be tempted to expand some features - that is if Rick don't mind or also as I see the need for any new features that I could use for my own FBFK site..

    The "Core Team" calendar ? I think that Evan posted on another topic regarding a new Elgg "Events" entity type (not necessarily just "Calendar") that probably needs incorporating into the Core -- if you can find his topic - it was abt 1 week or so ago.

  • I'm also getting API key "errors"...I am hosting eLGG LOCALLY WITHIN OUR ORGANIZATION..

  • The Google Maps API key messages are generated by Google.
    When you get those kind of messages make sure you register for the right domain.
    (Google maps in Event Manager hasn't been tested on localhost)

  • This kinda testing problems frustrate me -;)

    So I spent a **few** minutes - installed, enabled Event Manager on my ***localhost XAMPP*** (Yes. it works on XAMPP!) Elgg.1.7.8, input my GMap API Key and clicked on the "Location" Field - got the Google Map PopUp, typed in an address and got the Map displayed..!

    Y'all having problems with your GMap API Keys ?

    You *must be making some elementary mistake re: your API Key input ;-) Cause it work quite simply in a *few minutes...;-)


  • Hi,

    View page not working,In list view once click the title link i cant see full view of the events pls gave me some solution.

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