Release Notes

Just put the plugin in the /mod directory and you are good to go!

Remember that in order to have the end user be able to use the plugin, they must first enter their Steam custom url in the widget edit dropdown.  A user must create a custom url in their Steam edit profile page before this widget will work!

Hope you guys like it.  This is my second plugin that I have made from the ground up (have modded a plugin or two), so please give any and all feedback! 


**Note that this was developed and tested ONLY on Elgg version 1.7.8.

  • Mod Steam installed and I said that in line 17 has an error: S


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init () in mod / steam_feed / start.php on line 17


    Help me? : S

    My version of Elgg is v1.7.10

    I'm sorry I'm not English so poorly written I hope I understand, thanks


    Instalado un Mod de Steam y me dice que en la linea 17 tiene un error:S


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in mod/steam_feed/start.php on line 17


    Me podrias ayudar? :S

    Mi version de Elgg es de v1.7.10

    No soy ingles lo siento por lo mal escrito espero que me entiendan, gracias

  • You need to have the curl module installed in you PHP setup.  Do a phpinfo(); in any PHP script and search for 'curl.'

  • Mmmm strange thing...during testing i get "The specified profile could not be found." but i have correctly setup my custum url at :

    when looking at friends instead i get :

    Fatal error: Call to a member function xpath() on a non-object in /home/psnid/www_dvl/ants/mod/steam_feed/views/default/widgets/steam_feed/view_user_friends.php on line 16

    Have i lost something down the road? 

  • @simone, I tried using "angelus82" as the custom url extension in the Steam Plugin on my site (  You should create an account and play around with it :P) and it worked fine for me.  I did not get the first error that you explained. 

    As for the Fatal error message, the problem is that the PHP script tries to call xpath() on the XML object created from the CURL, but since the profile cannot be found, it is trying to call xpath() on nothing, thus the fatal error of calling xpath() on a "non-object."  This is a simple error checking that I apparently forgot to do.  I will try and fix that in the future.

    I think what you are doing is just not putting in the extension correctly.  You don't need to put in the whole URL (, but rather just enter "angelus82" in the "Custom URL Extension:" edit option.

    Hope this helps!!

  • Putting angelus82 was the way to go. Thankee...We'll keep in touch via PM for the rest.


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