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I just added the ability to show pictures/avatars of your friends in the friend view.  I do have to do a second CURL to get the user_profile of each friend, but I did not notice a significant loss in speed. 


Let me know what you think!!!

  • I was hoping for someone to make a widget for Xfire (I am not a programmer ;) ). Installed it, enabled the plugin and tried it. I get this message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /var/www/gc/mod/xfire_feed/start.php on line 17

    No clue what it means though.

  • You should check to see if CURL is enabled on your PHP install.  Are you using your own server, or are you using a remote server that someone else is maintaining?  If the latter, then talk to the server admin and ask if they have it enabled because you NEED it in order to use this plugin.  Otherwise, let me know and I will walk you through how to check for it on your own server (or you can Google it! :P ).

  • I asked the owner of the server (= family member) and he already tried to install CURL but does not work with the PhP version he has. Going back to an earlier PhP version will probably crash the other websites on the server, so that is not an option. Will try it again when I have my own server set up, thanks avidgamer123 :)

  • Yeah I am sorry that didn't work for you :(  What version of PHP are you using on your server??  I am using 5.2.13 and it works fine.  REGRESSING in versions should only make the problem worse, since less functionality is available in older versions of PHP.  Just a thought :)  Hope it helps.



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