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Display a widget that has information about a user's profile, gaming rig, friends, favorite servers, screenshots, and/or videos.

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I have a version of this plugin that includes game-play stats which includes:

-All of the games you have logged on Xfire

-The amount of time you have played each game this week and total


There is one problem with this version though, and that it the game-play stats.  In order to use it, you MUST contact Xfire and whitelist your server IP address and give them a profile to let the feed go through.  I would just contact Xfire and tell them you want to use the Gameplay statistics XML feed that they provide and they will walk you through the rest of it.  They were extremely fast and nice about it with me :)  Also, I recommend if you do go this path, make a new Xfire account that is just a dummy so that they don't have access to your actual account.  This will make more sense when you talk to them.  I will upload the new version shortly, but it will NOT, I REPEAT NOT!!!, be the recommended version.  It will be version 0.2.0.  Thank you and let me know of any other problems you find :)  ENJOY!!!!


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