Robust Groups v0.2

Release Notes


  • Admin backended all new features
  • Added post count feature
  • Added post rank feature based on post counts
  • Added special upgrade action that will update all currently open groups with topics and posts for post counts and hot topics

The special upgrade searches for all currently open groups,topics and posts and reads through them all and updates users' post counts and topics hot topics if relevant. This should be done as a one off if your site already has groups and discussion topics before you enabled the post counts and hot topics.
Still to do:

  • Better index tabbed output allowing users to find groups based on different types of data
  • More functional control of forums such as sticky posts, (and maybe, just maybe more than one forum per group)
  • Searching through other group extender plugins to see how best to get them to integrate with RObust Groups.

Yes please. I'm looking to develop more features for groups in general, as well as for the forum section specifically.

  • or better try -->

                foreach($plugins as $plugin)
                    if($plugin == "groups")
                        $groups = $plugin;
                    echo "<h2>(",$plugin[key],")</h2>";//********************************
                    echo "<h2>(",$groups[key],")</h2>";//********************************

    so you can see exactly what is being compared ;-)

  • Indeed. Looks like I'll have to work out another way of giving that array keys that are sequential numbers instead of letters. Proving to be a little difficult at the moment. I'll get it done within the week.

  • try

                    foreach($plugins as $key => $plugin)//****
                        if($plugin == "groups")
                            $groups = $key;// save Group's Seq#
                        echo "<h2>DBG:: ($key) &lt;-- ? --> ($groups)</h2>";//**** DBG only
                        // compare each one's seq# with Group'saved s Seq#
                        if(($plugin == "profile_manager") && ($key > $groups)){
                            echo "<div id='admin_error'>" . elgg_echo('groups:admin:prof_manager:toolow') . "</div>";
                        }elseif(($plugin == "profile_manager") && ($key < $groups)){
                            echo "<div id='admin_good'>" . elgg_echo('groups:admin:prof_manager:right') . "</div>";   
                        }elseif(($plugin == "group_multiple_admin") && ($key < $groups)){
                            echo "<div id='admin_error'>" . elgg_echo('groups:admin:group_multiple_admin:toolow') . "</div>";
                        }elseif(($plugin == "group_multiple_admin") && ($key > $groups)){
                            echo "<div id='admin_good'>" . elgg_echo('groups:admin:group_multiple_admin:right') . "</div>";   
                        }elseif(($plugin == "group_kick") && ($key < $groups)){
                            echo "<div id='admin_error'>" . elgg_echo('groups:admin:group_kick:toolow') . "</div>";
                        }elseif(($plugin == "group_kick") && ($key > $groups)){
                            echo "<div id='admin_good'>" . elgg_echo('groups:admin:group_kick:right') . "</div>";   
                        }elseif($plugin == "groupriver"){
                            echo "<div id='admin_error'>" . elgg_echo('groups:admin:groupriver:already') . "</div>";
                    }//foreach($plugins as $key =? $plugin)


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