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Adds more features to groups without blocking other group extension plugins

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I've always wanted to do more with groups and give them a few more options. This plugin is a copy of the groups plugin so you have to disable that one and replace it with this one.

This plugin adds the following to standard groups:

  • Jquery tabs on group profile showing the following: Info, Rules, Members, River, Announcement
  • Rules: add rules for your groups that members should follow
  • Announcement: Add a group specific announcement just like site announcements. Controlled by group owner.
  • Hot Posts: label a discussion topic as hot if it has more than 15 posts
  • Member Title: Add group specific titles to group members (done within a discussion topic)
  • Redesigned discussion topic CSS with edit/delete links more "beautiful".
  • Group specific post counting
  • Post ranks based on post counts
  • Option to block normal users from creating groups
  • Option to set the number of posts on a discussion topic page (default to 50)
  • Works with profile_manager & group_multiple_admin
  • Deeper breadcrumbs
  • Quick controls for group owner in discussion topics
  • Group specific member signatures
  • Internal group forums (as many as you like)
  • Huge range of actions have become ajaxed for a smoother feel

This was developed on 1.7.7 and should work best for that. Although it should work for any 1.7.x site. 

If you can think of things to add please let me know. I do want to make this plugin quite comprehensive but I'm not going to code tiny details for your specific site. If it benefits everyone in general then I'm sure it can be added.

If you like it please *Recommend it. Makes me feel happy like any other developer.

To install:

  • Disable groups
  • Upload robust groups
  • Enable groups
  • Run upgrade.php

This plugin is not currently production ready. The newest version needs testing first. Give me some feedback please.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
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