River Controls v0.2.3

Release Notes

This should not be tested on a production site first:

I've changed the layout a little bit to include the current access rights for each river item that you have the right to see.

I've not managed to get the ajax delete from mariano working, but the hide/share work fine.

I've added a previous feature back in which allows you to hide/show all river items by type or user. This might make your river (usually 20 items) shorter as I've still not found out a suitable way of hiding them until they are in the page.

But for the moment all the features work. You need the embed plugin to make this work well as it uses the facebox that comes with embed. 

Still doesn't work with likes/river_comments yet. Not had time to see how they change the wrapper.php


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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