River Controls v0.2.2

Release Notes

Included The relevant JQuery API that you can link to if nothing happens when you hover over the black "x".

If you're using a theme then you should have the following file in that plugin folder: views/default/page_elements/header.php

Open that and look for the line (about 60) that defines the JQuery location. If it is below 1.4 change to the following:

<script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>mod/river_controls/lib/jquery.1.4.4.min.js"></script>

For those that are having no problems with this plugin this update is not necessarily required. Nothing else was added.

  • Just found that all the files in the actions folder have the wrong "language keys" (might this be the lingo?). They all start with "riverdashboard:xxx:xxx", while the language keys in the language files are all "river_controls:xxx:xxx". As a result the system messages do not display properly. Easily amendable, even by me.

  • Ah yeah, didn't think about that as I used to have this feature built into the riverdashboard plugin and then made it standalone. I'll get them updated for the next release.


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  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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