Fix River Privacy for 1.7.x v1.0

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Tested on Elgg 1.7.4 through to 1.7.8. I *think* it ought to work on other versions up to 1.7.8 but make no promises.

  • Awesome and I think that coupled with Friend request you have a winner 

    I am going to see how they play together and report back.

  • // one change by Jon Dron - now it only shows objects ;-))
    hi, hi . . . good work jon
    a good place to control what activity/* pages show

  • I just installed Friend request and they both work together Very nicely. My site is now secure. Thank you so much!

  • Thanks Steve.

    So that deals with the over-revealing river problem! 

    I'm still wondering about the fact that friends/friends-of and group membership is still freely available info via the profile or when browsing a group. It's really important to have such things (and maybe show them in the river) when the primary object of the site is to build a social network but on our site, as Chris Anderson puts it, the social network is a feature, not a destination, and one of our main differentiations from the likes of Facebook is ownership and controllable privacy.  I'm inclined to make it an option in the profile/group profile to choose to whom you show info about your/your group's connections (default of public, as now) but that has potential repercussions right through the system that worry me a bit. Anyone know of any attempts to deal with that? If not, I'll explore the options.



  • Great idea. This also help reduce the size of the river activity section. Thanks

  • @Jon, I took your idea and enhanced it by giving the admin the normal elgg river view and the members your view. Then I removed the ALL tab for the members view. here is the link

  • Good idea Steve- makes sense! I like the ALL tab, as long as it only shows things we should be able to see, but letting admins see the full thing seems a good idea.

  • download file is 0 bytes and there are no files...... this would be an important add on to my site


  • @codemanwoah - it seems OK from here. Perhaps a temporary glitch on this community site. I'd suggest clearing your browser cache and re-trying. Glad that this would be helpful!

  • I notice my own activity widget shows nothing.  Not that I should care about my own activity. Anybody else?

  • After this it will only show posts and comments - nothing else - but I can see all of mine in various widgets and tools that drink from the river. What happens if you turn the plugin off - any posts visible then (as opposed to things like friending/group joining/profile editing/etc)?


  • Of course, I should read the Full Description more carefully. My bad.  Does exactly what it says. Thanks. :$

  • This is a nice plugin, but was much easier to simply go in and make the change myself to the wrapper file.  There is also an issue with this that should be directed to the actual fetching of the river items instead of after it gets them.  If you get lots of users on your site and all the joining groups etc fill up the river page, it will get 20 items of those items that will be hidden and so when you go to your dashboard page, it will be blank since they are all "hidden" so to speak.  So to resolve this, what should happen is when it fetches the river items, it should only be fetching river items with an object type, then you get a full 20 item list on your river dashboard....  This site is not very nice to its users so I will not be providing any plugins etc here, but just wanted to mention this issue.

  • Is there also a possibility to hide Friends, so that other Users can not see the Friends from this person? Thx!

  • Grate plugin.. can u bring it for 1.8.3 ..

  • Thanks Meril

    Yes, it will be coming to 1.8.3 in the next few weeks - on the list of many plugins needing upgrades. It's a *very* simple plugin - just overrides a single view and changes a single line of that view, so should be very straightforward to port across.

    I'd also very much like to address the problem Haziz mentions, but it's far more complex and, if done ubiquitously, would break a lot of things. I've done this on our site for profiles, so that friends information is not revealed in public, but it is still a vital part of how Elgg works that you can trace a network and find other people on it, so I'd be wary of going much further than that. Unfortunately, even with my profile fix in place, the information is still largely revealed: the problem is that most plugins have a tendency to reveal "posts of this person's friends" (or, in our case, people they are following) which means they implicitly show at least some friends, and it is a huge and unmaintainable task to make changes to all such instances. If anyone has a solution (beyond a blanket approach like a walled garden) I'd love to know it!


  • 1.8.3 version is now available - see

    The new version is smarter than my old one as Matt is a much better programmer than me!

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