HTML5 for Elgg 1.8

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Provides several javascript libraries + views that allow developers to start using HTML5 features in Elgg today.

Last updated

Adds the following input/* views:

  • color.php
  • datetime-local.php
  • datetime.php
  • image.php
  • month.php
  • number.php
  • option.php
  • range.php
  • search.php
  • tel.php
  • time.php
  • week.php

These input views (as well as all input views provided by core) can accept any new html5 attributes such as:

  • placeholder
  • required
  • multiple (only for applicable inputs)
  • max, min (only for applicable inputs)
  • etc...

Registers the following javascript libraries that you can load if your plugin needs them:

  • Modernizr (1.5)
  • jquery.placeholder (1.0.1) 

Why use it?

By using the HTML5 input views, your users will automatically have their input validated on the client side without any extra javascript (if their browser supports it).  This reduces load times and headaches by giving users immediate feedback.



Evan Winslow

Software Engineer at Google. Elgg enthusiast. I wrote the Javascript and CSS frameworks for 1.8.


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