Facebook Theme v1.4

Release Notes

Following improvements

  • Composer works again for Elgg 1.8.3
  • Shouldn't get any more "Fatal error: headers already sent" type errors.
  • Can unlike entities again
  • No more "deprecated" errors about getIcon function.
  • Only compatible with Elgg 1.8.3+.
  • Does it work with Groups ? I get a "nothing found" page with "elgg/groups/add" or "elgg/groups/member/mymember"

  • I made the images 200x200 and they over hang. Also the message icon falls behind the search box.


    How can I fix this:

  • I am using the members plugin but I do not get a link in the menu for it. I can go to it via the url and it works. How can I get the Members link to show-up on the menu on the left side?

  • Why does a double post happen in the News Feed?


  • @gmwestrup

    How can I get the Members link to show-up on the menu on the left side?

    I can't post absolute URL to my reply but here's my previously answer but there's what you need:

    In start.php

    function facebook_theme_pagesetup_handler() {
        $owner = elgg_get_page_owner_entity();

    For Add Members (logged in users of your website)...

    elgg_register_menu_item('page', array(
                    'name' => 'members',
                    'section' => 'members',
                    'text' => elgg_echo('members'),
                    'href' => "/members",
                    'contexts' => array('dashboard'),
                    'priority' => 600,



  • @gmwestrup

    Why does a double post happen in the News Feed?

    No ideas but you can it

    Need more? Ask here after looking for ..

  • Hello everyone, after install this theme, I get the error "The requested action (comments/add) was not defined in the system"

    ¿Could anyone help me please?

  • @Christian  Which your Elgg version?

  • Theme 1.4 installed on Elgg 1.9.3 is not working with comments.  
    A comment sent individually inside the specific job is working (ex. a comment on 'the wire' is correctly displayed when it is write on 'the wire' interface).  
    But, using the theme dashboard, it is not working ( the message is: the action required 'comments/add' is not defined on system).

    Someone else with this problem?



  • Hi,

    I'm having the same problem as Sepp. When I try to add a group I get this error:

    Page not found

    Sorry. We could not find the page that you requested.


    What can I do? I am using Elgg v 1.9 and have these extra plugins apart from this one: Profile Manager 8.0 and Tasks Fx 2.2

  • This theme is no longer supported as per Evan's previous comments.  It certainly hasn't been updated to 1.9

    My suggestion is to find another theme or hire a dev to fix it up if you absolutely want this one.

  • i cant post on my wall or news feed etc...

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