Facebook Theme v1.3

Release Notes

Thanks to @imoni for his many contributions and willingness to have them incorporated into the original version.

Following changes:

  • Incorporates many of imoni's changes 
  • Adds support for tidypics 
  • Updates manifest (might help with messageboard problem?)
  • Updates topbar (now floats, single color, etc.)
  • Fixes header login problem in 1.8.1 (may no longer work in 1.8.0)
  • Adds icons to several menu items

Just as an update, I haven't been able to fix the messageboard problem, but I also think it may be a server config issue/messageboard issue. I haven't personally been able to reproduce it, for instance, so I'm not sure the fault lies with this theme.

  • Just an update on the issue of Ajaxed likes -- hypeAlive 1.8 (which ajaxescomments and other things,) does not work with this theme -- perhaps it can somehow be integrated somehow in the next release? 

  • 1.I saw someone mentioned about the 1.4 edition of facebook theme for elgg 1.8,but can't find the link.

    2.When i like some item and then dislike it, the site prompted 'There was a problem removing your like'.So I modifid a line in the riverfooter.php according to original elgg file:


    'href' => "action/likes/delete?annotation_id={$likes[0]->id}",


    'href' => "action/likes/delete?guid={$guid}"

  • Ran into a problem with closed groups:

    1) If not logged in, I was able to see the wall contents of a closed group;

    2) If logged in but not part of the group, got into an infinite redirect loop

    Fixed it using the following code for pages/groups/wall.php


    $group = elgg_get_page_owner_entity();

    if (!$group || !elgg_instanceof($group, 'group')) {


    $title = $group->name;

    if (group_gatekeeper(false)) {
            $composer = '';
            if (elgg_is_logged_in()) {
                    $composer = elgg_view('page/elements/composer', array('entity' => $group));

            $db_prefix = elgg_get_config('dbprefix');
            $activity = elgg_list_river(array(
                    'joins' => array("JOIN {$db_prefix}entities e ON e.guid = rv.object_guid"),
                    'wheres' => array("e.container_guid = $group->guid OR rv.object_guid = $group->guid"),

            if (!$activity) {
                    $activity = elgg_view('output/longtext', array('value' => elgg_echo('group:activity:none')));

            $body = elgg_view_layout('two_sidebar', array(
                    'title' => $title,
                    'content' => $composer . $activity,

            echo elgg_view_page($title, $body);
    } else {
            $activity = elgg_view('groups/profile/closed_membership');
            $body = elgg_view_layout('two_sidebar', array(
                    'title' => $title,
                    'content' => $activity,
            echo elgg_view_page($title, $body);

  • Evan... Imoni... 

    I just did a brand new fresh clean install of 1.8.1 and then added your facebook theme mod and I get this HEADER ERROR... did i do something wrong? How do i fix it?

    Bob Wan Kim
    Google SEO Consultant
    310 598 1606 



  • imoni,evan......i got an idea for a new change to this plug, might be hard, might be easy, so on facebook when u go to a persons profile they have items that can be tags above their wall (Example Jpardee works at Centralcomposites, If central composites is a business on facebook then its a clickable tagged link that goes to that page, facebook has up to 10 tags or so in this place) now with the profile manager 7.0 (which works well on 1.8.1 btw) u can set up profile feilds to be tags (in my network we tag current city, current state, current zip code, and a few other things, so its easy to find a person in your same area) now id link to figure out a way to display those tags in the sidebar under the users profile icon, OR above their wall just like on facebook, I had an idea to install the tag cloud plugin and make it a default widget, but how could i write the code to tell it basicly if the tag cloud plugin is active to display the widgets content on the page, i know its hard cause when u make default widgets they come up in the engine written code as widget(with a random number, widget223, widget245 ect ect.) just an idea aside from the tags and the poke this plugin is really close for sure

  • nice theme. I don't see 1.4 release? can someone share a link for 1.4. Thanks

  • evans 1.3 IS 1.4, 1.4 way made by omoni and has since then been deleted and re uploaded by evan here as version 1.3

  • im still failing at getting profile metadata over in the sidebar on a persons wall page kind of like on facebook, heres what i want to do, im a graphic design aswell so i made a moch up image to display the idea at hand, someone help me figure it out its killing me


  • also i am trying to set up a photos link on peoples profile and having no luck here my code


    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('tidypics')) {
       elgg_register_menu_item('page', array(
        'section' => 'more',
        'name' => 'Tidypics',
        'text' => elgg_echo('Photos'),
        'href' => "photos/owner/$page_owner->username",
        'contexts' => array('profile'),


    photos/owner/$page_owner->username doesnt work at all and iv also tryed using photos/owner/$user->username when i use $user-> insted of $page_owner the link goes somewhere but it goes to your photos not the page owner that u are view's photos, how would i write this guys? iv tried all of the following

    photos/owner/$user->username (Only This One works and it goes to your photos not theirs)




  • Hi, I'd like to add a logo to the site? Do you know if this is possible (elgg 1.8.1, fb theme 1.3). Thanks, Richard

  • Hi Evan , Imoni, Jpardee, hi as screen shot attached by bob just above here there is error occurs, it throws same ways saying fatal error, redirects could not be issued , halting execution for security , picture explains all related to that issue, any idea where to tweak in the code to fix this issue ?

  • Error seen as : Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Search http://docs.elgg.org/ for more information.

  • guys, i was getting alot of fatal errors while running this plugin with the core developers CON TRIGGER PLUGIN, disable it and see if it drops the fatal error

  • i have one new issue found when i logged in and it taskes me to site/dashboard, and when i type ww.site it takes back me to login page once again instead of showing me iam allready signed up and should not show login page once gain when i hit site name ww.site.com why its happening any idea,

    the reasson i could think login page as to be dispalyed only if user as not logged in any pointers pls...

  • when signed in, hit www.yoursite.com, it takes back to logged out front page sign in form, and again from here dont enter any user name and password it takes back to logedd in page, ideally it should stay always signed in even entered website name at any point of time but its not happening any pointers where is the issue in the code ?

  • hi
    i am seeing issues with www and http use for same site,
    issue description : i cant login with www prefix site and with http yes,

    once signed in with http site address, if i type www prefix site name it shows first page logged out paged even though i have logged in earlier, any pointers pls? , so essentially with www prefix whole site fails, i have tried redirecting in httsaccessfile its not solving this issue any pointers on this is much useful.

  • in your main elgg settings do u have your site url as http://examplesite.com or http://www.examplesite.com or simply www.examplesite.com this is important

  • @Art Director, Web Design I told you before that u r using custom index plugin.

    u need to put this code in custom index plugin:





  • Heelo, so i want to know, where i'll go to edit the images and the colors and all the theme, i really want this.

  • From your notes, do not use on a production site without a little research, not that I was looking to look like FB, but I sure do like how you made the theme, well, here is a little from what I researched from a themer being sued by FB by making a copy if you care to read it.  http://wpcandy.com/reports/facebook-sues-theme-developer

    I just started with elgg, and I really like it so far, and having fun experimenting. 

  • @Mikailah:


    Interesting.. I've been talking and telling all elgg users here since about this lega angle many many weeks ago -- to take warning and not treat this FB theme too seriously for their own production sites. Nobody has listened to my posts so far. Some people have actually laughed at me ! lolz ;0o We ourselves were quite actively sued by FB for over one year because of the use the word "Wall" [their copyright] on our elgg-site! We escaped by changing that one word.

    As Evan has pointed out from the start -- " a demonstration of what is possible with the very strong theming capabilities of elgg 1.8 " & " without any research into the legality of its use on a production site.. "

    Pretty obvious how FB lawyers wll react when they find these Elggsters sites with *the FB theme ! More interesting will be how those elgg-site owners running on $5/mnth hosting ;-) will react when they are sued ?

    Pity that people tend to think that they can do whateever they like.. as long as they can get away with it ! More pity that people generally have not been looking more into the style and technical design approach and exploring the power of Elgg 1.8 theming capabilities -- but instead target the $$multi-millions they (likely) imagine they will make (with $5/mnth hosting!) using such a carefully developed theme ;-P


  • how do we modify this theme to make it original and legal? this is good but its need original redesigns to make it unique and legal.

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