Facebook Theme v1.3

Release Notes

Thanks to @imoni for his many contributions and willingness to have them incorporated into the original version.

Following changes:

  • Incorporates many of imoni's changes 
  • Adds support for tidypics 
  • Updates manifest (might help with messageboard problem?)
  • Updates topbar (now floats, single color, etc.)
  • Fixes header login problem in 1.8.1 (may no longer work in 1.8.0)
  • Adds icons to several menu items

Just as an update, I haven't been able to fix the messageboard problem, but I also think it may be a server config issue/messageboard issue. I haven't personally been able to reproduce it, for instance, so I'm not sure the fault lies with this theme.

  • @Cash - Excellent.

    I was very confused with this problem.

    I had noticed that the group profile was Return True, but I thought I had to work equally.

    Now it works great.

    thank you very much

  • How can I add items to the sidebar on the right? such as Facebook have?

    For example sponsored links, real-time updates, and suggestions of friends?

    've tried where the codes are not found more! Can someone help me?

    I am using the theme on my site www.shyfti.com


    Sorry for my english google translator

  • is it just my install or does everyones wall and dashboard lose the user icons? i want the activity basicly to always display an icon for the person that is created the activity, like when they use the wire, the messageboard, bookmark things so on and so forth

  • how can I remove the third sidebar? the right one? But only on certain pages as videolist, event callendar?


    Excuse my English I use google translator

  • Hi. I've installed this theme on Elgg 1.8.1. When I first log in, I get the following error:

    Fatal Error.

    Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Search http://docs.elgg.org/ for more information.

    With this error, the theme doesn't display properly either. I can then go into the site (with the theme working fully) by clicking my username at the top right of the screen, but get the error again, when I click on the name of the site on the top left hand side of the screen. Does anyone know how to stop this error from happening?


  • Thank you for the plugin.

    How can U change the top bar color(the top bar color after login)? I want it look like Twitter's topbar color.

    I tried to make changes at  mod/facebook_theme/views/default/facebook_theme/css.php and mod/facebook_theme/views/default/css/elements , but colud not suceed.

    Please give some hints

    Thank you

  • Krishna you are looking in the right place, open the docs in a either notepad or wordpad and click edit then replace and choose to replace all, u want to replace #3B5998 with what ever u want (for the outer blue on facebook theme) and replace #627AAD with what ever u want (for the inner blue on facebook theme) hope this helps u

  • richard, do u have your elgg in a sub directory (example.com/elgg/) or direct (example.com)? and if u do have it in a sub directory have u changed your .htaccess file's mod rewrite?

  • Hi Jpardee, elgg isn't in a subdirectory. The rest of the site works fine - it is just that initial profile page that doesn't work.


  • Hi Jpardee, I've now done a completely fresh install, and the problem seems to have gone away. I'm not sure what caused it though. Richard.

  • well glad u got it figured out, unless to many other people incounter the same issue i wouldnt worry to much about how it happened and how to fix it, but again, im glad u got it all sorted out

  • @Richard hama: 

    @Antonio - try this: find the function facebook_theme_profile_page_handler() in start.php and change all the "return;" statements to "return true;"

    Cash 4 days ago

  • evan, imoni,

    I love this lookalike. Much better than the so-called real thing.

    Yesterday i went nuts when trying to change the css. The label for "Register" and "New Password" in the upper right corner on the login page (pic here) is overlapping with the password white box.

    Then I found out that you need a PHD in PHP when dealing with CSS in elgg (this is a new piece of software to me). And I don't have one.

    I applied the fix imoni posted here for the theme css but that didn't do the trick, not even after refreshing the simple cache.

    I am lost.

  • @eggie, glad you like it. What browser are you seeing this on? Does it go away if you use Chrome?

  • Sorry bout that. There will come a day when browsers adhere to standards...

    I am using Firefox 8.01 (and 80 % of my visitors do so, too).

    With Chrome it works fine.

  • I just did a fresh Elgg 1.8 installation & after that i activate Facebook 1.3 theme with core plugins.. but after activating facebook theme having problem with Duplication of wire massege


    Please help..

  • Brahm dutt, redownload and install facebook theme 1.4 insted of 1.3 this should handle the issue, if the issue continues after u upgrade to 1.4 let us know, be sure to disable 1.3, delete the plugin off the server, refresh ur admin plugin page and make sure it is gone, reupload the new plugin and enable it, if u dont delete the old one off the server and refresh the plugins page, somtimes elgg will glitch and it will still say facebook theme 1.3 even though it is 1.4 as well as if u do these steps right, u and all ur users browsers will draw the new css and such, otherwise it might use cookies and temp internetfiles and show the old version.

  • This is such an awesome theme but I get this error when attempting to post on a wall:

    "Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security"

    Any suggestions?

  • I love this theme! I am having some compatibility problems with a couple of plug-ins, notably:

    mobile 1.8 - crashes with "out of memory" when accessed from a mobile device (e.g. my iPhone), but works fine from a desktop browser.

    Facebook Sharing 1.8 - simply does not work.

    Can these compatibility bugs be looked at please? Many thanks in advance.

  • I reinstalled everything and modified .htaccess but still received the error.  I deleted this plugin and everything worked out fine.  This is such an awesome theme and I hope a solution to that error is found soon. Best of luck!


  • I am curious - Is there a way to make a 'like' on elgg without it having to refresh the page? Or is that part of the elgg lack of Ajax support? 

    Also, is there a way to make a custom landing page that is similar to the landing page of FB, with the site logo, maybe a custom description, and a login/sing up form? (Much like the 'custom index' available with the Purity Theme? )

    Thanks for any response on this -- 

  • @Jpardee can you please provide me the link of Facebook theme 1.4 as it's not aviliable in elgg site..


  • @Jpardee i did the same as you suggested.. but result is same.. having same problem with facebook 1.4 theme.... :(

  • Done below change mod/facebook_theme/start.php to disable Administration option at the top right corner for non admin users


    elgg_unregister_menu_item('topbar', 'administration');

    elgg_register_menu_item('topbar', array(

    'href' => '/admin',

    'name' => 'administration',

    'parent_name' => 'account',

    'section' => 'alt',

    'text' => elgg_echo('admin'),



Evan Winslow

Software Engineer at Google. Elgg enthusiast. I wrote the Javascript and CSS frameworks for 1.8.


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